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Goodbye Elgar – Hello Mozart! Join us from 7pm for pre-rehearsal drinks! Newcomers welcome!

Well I don’t know about you but I’ve been riding on a wave of feeling of a ‘job well done’ since Wednesday! You can keep up with info/photos etc. on our Facebook page, which Amanda, our Social Media rep, is doing such a great job of keeping lively and interesting. Please do visit and ‘like’ our page, and tell all your friends, who are also very welcome to come and try out our choir from this week as we start the late Summer/Autumn programme.

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WOW – WHAT A NIGHT!! Celebrate with pre-rehearsal drinks on Wednesday!

Well done everyone! That was a night to remember….!

Firstly, a message from Graham:

Congratulations on a fantastic concert last night! The energy was maintained from start to finish and the passion and characterisation was great. I thought the power created in the big moments was amazing, but also the quality of sound was fabulous. You kept me on my toes, but the few areas of concern in the rehearsal went really well and the tuning issues were so much better in the concert. I had lots of lovely comments from musicians saying that the sound the choir made was excellent. The part 1 moments were just wonderful and I came off stage buzzing. Part 2 was the best Iā€™d ever heard it. The double choir section was really strong

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Message from Graham – you are all set for a great rehearsal on Monday!

Last night’s rehearsal was tough but progress was good, and Graham just wanted you all to know that we’ve got to the stage now where he’s really pleased with how it’s all turning out. This was his final chance to make a few adjustments, and stress the necessity of them šŸ™‚ which will hopefully mean we can go forward with confidence and put out a performance that will be worth all the effort of the past 4 months.

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Concert Notes webpage now live, last chance for recording discount, and get prepared with your post-Gerontius music!

You should have already received the concert Briefing notes via email as promised by Archie on Saturday, but for good measure we now have a Concert Notes webpage in the Member’s area of the website where you can find the notes and all the associated information you should need. If you have forgotten the member login details just use the password request form on the login page.
Concert Dress Code – Strictly full length for skirts/dresses!

The Dress Code for the concert is the same as our last concert at the Royal Festival Hall. This means that if you are wearing a dress or skirt it must be FULL LENGTH only!! Full details can be found in the Concert Notes. This is a big public event for us and a professional/standard appearance is very important. In addition, we are having a photo taken of the stage which we will be using in future, and do not want different lengths of skirts/dresses showing as it looks very messy! Thanks for your understanding.

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Seating plan for our Saturday workshop – meet at 7.45am at Sylvia Beaufoy for coach users!

Lovely to see everyone back last night – and on good form!

As you know our final Saturday workshop is this Saturday in Berkhamsted. For those of you who have booked a coach, please can you arrange to be at the Sylvia Beaufoy centre in Petworth by 7.45am. The coach company sounded like they knew what they were doing this time, and they’ve been warned about the centre of Petworth so hopefully all should be well with both journeys. Juliet Shand has kindly offered to be in charge, so you had all better be on your best behaviour! šŸ™‚ Any problems/changes of plan, just send an email to

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