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What a wonderful start – welcome (back) everyone!!

Well done everyone – we had a fantastic start to our Dream of Gerontius programme and by the end of the rehearsal it was definitely sounding very recognisable!

Lovely to meet so many newcomers too – we hope you felt welcome and do please ask if there’s anything you need to know.

Reminder: Subs are now due for Spring/Summer (£120)!
The subscription for the Spring/Summer programme is £120 and will take you all the way through to our Autumn Concert in September!

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Happy New Year to all you Gorgeous People – Term starts on FRIDAY 4th!

Firstly we would like to wish you all a very happy 2019! Exciting times are ahead for our choir as I’m sure you all know, and we start the year very enthusiastically on a FRIDAY – 4th January! This is so that we keep in synch with our other 2 ‘sister’ choirs and, like them, have our first rehearsal in the first week of January.

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The Dream – Announcing which chorus we are, and a note on attendance!

For those of you who have bought a copy of The Dream of Gerontius, you may have noticed that apart from the Semi-Chorus parts, the choir splits into 2 choruses in the beautiful chorus ‘Praise to the Holiest in the Height’ from pages 126 – 147.

If you are keen to start looking at the music over the Christmas holidays, I’m pleased to tell you that our choir will be ‘Chorus 1’. CCS will be Chorus 2 and BCS will be singing Choruses 1 and 2 (split by 1sts and 2nds).

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We did it again folks – they said it was our best Christmas Concerts yet!!

Brace yourselves – before attempting to read this post, sit down and get yourself a nice cup of tea – there’s a lot to say…!

Firstly – a message to all the singers from Graham:

Congratulations! Wow! We did it. The commitment throughout was fantastic. A babe is born was really exciting and very powerful – I knew you could do it! The promise sounded lovely and really appreciated by the audience. Ben enjoyed hearing his carol and was complimentary – phew. Brass were great and v. complimentary about the choir.

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We’re in the TOP TEN of the BEST – all set for a great concert on Saturday!

According to the Chichester Observer we are No. 4 in the Top 10 things to do over Christmas in our local area – so absolutely NO PRESSURE folks!! 🙂

It is a known fact that the Chichester Observer have extremely good musical taste and we are gearing ourselves up now for another superb set of Christmas Concerts on Saturday!  We also have a printed version of the article on our Press page, and there may be more to follow in future publications – look out for them!

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Just a bit more practising and we’ll put on a stunning concert!

Graham felt that we made a lot of progress on Wednesday and are on track for another fantastic concert. When we concentrate and pull together we really can put on an amazing performance. We’re doing really well, but at the end of the day it boils down to a mixture of individual work between rehearsals and teamwork, and there are definitely some areas for improvement. E.g. we need to tighten up on the entrances to A Winter’s Night, so I’m making it as easy as possible by putting the links to the audio files on this post. Please find some time to go over these before Wednesday, so that every entrance is really confident, and there will be lots of smiles all over our faces (not to mention Graham’s) 🙂

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