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Reminder – Workshop on Saturday 24th!

Top of the list this week is a reminder that we have an important Christmas Workshop on Saturday 24th November at the URC – 9.30am to 2.30pm (doors open at 9am). Please bring refreshments for lunch etc. – you know the drill!

We are hoping for a really good turnout – all our workshops are really important as this is really where Graham puts in all that extra detail that make us sound so wonderful on the day. Please do whatever you can to make sure you can attend, even if only for part of the session – it’s better to attend some of it than none at all.

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Great tidings….we can now help you practise for Midnight!

Brian Knowles has very kindly supplied us with some audio tracks that you can play online and practise your various voice parts for Midnight (in the Now Rejoice! Songbook). There is a track for each voice plus a track of all SATB voice parts together, so that you can practise your part without it being emphasised once you feel a bit more confident!

Remember also that we have provided similar practise tracks for There is No Rose, and tracks are also available for other pieces in our programme. To hear any of these, just go to our Music Programme & Practise page, expand the title of the music score/book and you’ll see all the tracks for the different voices there for you to play.

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Online Box Office now open, final checklist for music, and a welcome back to David Burrows!

As promised our general online Box Office was opened on the morning of 1st November after a promising first 2 weeks. If you’d like to give details to family/friends on the concerts to buy tickets please direct them to the Next Concert webpage. You can now buy tickets by clicking on the Ticketsource icon whenever you see it on this website.

However please spare a thought for our librarian Rachel last Wednesday, running around giving everyone copies of music during the rehearsal – for heaven sake chaps….come on you can do this!! 🙂

So everyone should now have the following scores and if anything is missing please let Rachel know BEFORE we start singing(!):

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Last Weds for Choir-exclusive Box Office!

Just to let you know this will be the last Wednesday where the Box Office for tickets for our Christmas Concert is open exclusively to choir members, as we are opening to the general public on Thursday 1st November.

If you will not be at choir on Wednesday, then:

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Going away at Half Term? Don’t worry – you can still buy tickets!

It may be Half Term, but we will not allow anything to get in the way of our choir members wanting to secure the best tickets for their friends and families 🙂

If you are going to be away at any of the rehearsals over the next 2 weeks whilst we are selling tickets solely to choir members (i.e. 24th October and 31st October), do not despair! Archie has devised a way whereby you can request them via a Google Form and he and/or Bridget will do their very best to allocate them to you so that you can collect them on your return!

If this affects you, then:

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