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Well done! A word from Graham & Jeannie, drinks at 7pm Weds and next Tour signup!!

So much going on as you can see by the title of this post….but firstly a very well done to all of you for a wonderful concert last night!! Here’s a message from Graham…

“I just wanted to say well done for a great concert last night. Overall the standard was very high and there were some magical moments. The sound was great and committed and there were some beautiful subtle moments.

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Concert tomorrow!! Men in Black! See you at (before) 2.30pm!

Concert Notes Well concert day is nearly here and just in case you are still looking for them, here is a link again to our Concert Notes with everything you need to know to turn up ready and eager to put in a fantastic performance!! Here are just a few final reminders… Men in Black Boys – please don’t turn up in a Tux!  This is a less formal concert than Christmas and Summer in Chichester, so men should be in black shirts (no tie). Soup & Sarnies at The Angel before the concert A reminder that between the rehearsal and the concert our Jeannie has organised Soup & Sarnies at The Angel (£10) for around half of you (after a show of hands on Wednesday).  If you haven’t indicated your interest already please let Jeannie know in case there’s a sudden influx of people and not enough to go around.  There will be an honesty box for you to deposit your £10’s. Tickets will be on sale at the door There are still tickets to sell so don’t be shy – keep asking family and friends as we will be selling tickets at the door – no problem! Next week is PARTY WEEK!! We will kick off next Wednesday at 7pm as a Post-concert Celebration & Welcoming Newcomers Party!  It’s a great chance to have a natter with your singing pals and say hello to those poor unfortunates who have been forced to take a break from choir since the May concert but have now returned for the Christmas programme 🙂 See you tomorrow at The Sacred Heart... read more

Tickets & Christmas music available from 7pm on Weds – and Concert Notes now available!

Last chance for fee-free tickets!
The concert is nearly here, so Wednesday will be the LAST CHANCE you have to buy tickets free of booking fee charges @ 7%.  Please do take advantage of this.  Archie has installed our new funky card reader, so really any type of money is acceptable to us (at the moment we might even consider EUROs 🙂 ).  Remember it’s a smaller church so tickets are limited.  We will be opening up the Box Office and Rachel will also be giving out Christmas music, from 7pm next week, so please come early to avoid the queues!

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A message from our Librarian!

Rachel would just like to let you all know that she will be giving out ordered music for our Christmas programme (for hire or purchase) starting from tomorrow’s rehearsal at 7.30pm onwards.

Next week she will be at the URC from 7pm (there are no limits to the dedication that this lady has for your music needs!!).

“But what if I haven’t ordered it…” I hear you ask? Don’t panic – for there is still time (although we will be dusting off the naughty step)!! Just in case you missed it the first time round, I’m reposting that important form for you to tell us about our music requirements for next term – please read on!

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Autumn Concert Tickets – now on sale!!

I hereby declare the online Box Office for our Autumn Concert OPEN!  You can view the poster here on our website.

Now’s the time to start getting the date in the diaries of your nearest and dearest and buy tickets.  We will of course be selling them at choir from 5th September, but if you can sort your tickets out earlier it would be better.   Seats will be available on a first come, first served basis (i.e. not numbered) as per last year.  If you’d like to buy tickets just follow the link which is all over our website and also here for your convenience:

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