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Everyone’s invited to Saturday’s workshop FROM 11:00AM (Tour-goers start at 9:30)

Although initially intended for tour-goers, Graham feels it would make sense to get some extra rehearsal time for EVERYONE when we will cover Bignor/Autumn Concert music FROM 11:00 onwards at tomorrow’s Workshop (running to 2.30pm), so please do come along to the URC if you are able.

So in Summary:

9.30am (doors open at 9am): ALL Tour goers

11.00am: EVERYONE is invited

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Next rehearsal switched to THURSDAY at The Sacred Heart Church!

As mentioned in my previous post, we can now confirm that this week’s choir rehearsal, our last rehearsal of term, will be changed from Wednesday night to Thursday night, to accommodate England’s football match against Croatia. The rehearsal will take place at The Sacred Heart church, Petworth.
Timings for Thursday Evening

6.30pm – Soloists Rehearsal: Graham would like to see all Tour Soloists for a special rehearsal please

7.30pm – Tour Information Evening: find out all about the tour, bring your itineraries and ask us any questions!

8pm – 10pm – Our last rehearsal of term – please bring ALL your Tour/Bignor/Autumn concert music. Please be minded of the fact that we will be fielding questions/talking about the tour right up to 8pm. We only have the church (no back room) so it would be appreciated if you could be as quiet as possible whilst taking your seats.

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Did someone mention football….?

Someone mentioned that there is going to be some sort of football match on Wednesday evening that might prove to be quite popular 🙂

In order to make our last rehearsal worthwhile, this is just to let you know that we’re investigating options for moving the rehearsal (and Tour Info evening) from our normal Wednesday slot to Thursday evening instead.

HOWEVER at the moment we don’t have a venue as we can’t use the URC, so we are trying to secure The Sacred Heart, but in the meantime please keep Thursday evening as free as possible in case of either outcome, which will be announced very shortly!

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Bignor Alive! Special – Final Instructions and Running Order

On this post you’ll find everything you need to know about our performances at the Bignor Alive! event on Sunday 22nd July…
Getting your folders ready…

CLICK HERE for a printable running order to stick in your folders. Note: Best results are achieved by downloading the document prior to printing it.

Before the day you will need to organise your folders – although if you’re going on Tour you’ll obviously have to do this on the Sunday morning! 🙂

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Tour (and Autumn) Running Order now available – and Bignor update!

We now have a running order for the tour (and it will also be for the Autumn Concert). To view it and download it just CLICK HERE. It’s also available from our Music Programme & Practise page.

I’m also delighted to announce that Phil Scriven, our illustrious organist, will be playing the delightful Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor by J.S. Bach for the organ solo, which I’m sure you’ll all recognise!

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