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We’re starting on Autumn/Tour music – and announcing the Bignor Park programme!

Those who attended last week will know that Graham did indeed start us on Haydn’s Little Organ Mass. And what a beautiful piece of music it is…it should be a real treat to sing this in our Autumn Concert and on tour in Prague!

So…if there’s anyone out there thinking of joining choir for this next programme (after our May concert at Chichester) NOW is the time to start! Contact us if you’d like to re-join, or join at this point.

You can read all about it, print off the score, listen to sample recordings and get links to practise audio files for your voice parts on our Music Programme & Practise page. This webpage is packed with useful stuff…make sure you visit it and make use of all the information.

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Calling all undecided Sops…!

The good news is we are looking set to have a choir at least the size of our tour choir for the Bignor Park Alive! event on 22nd July. However we do seem to have rather an imbalance of Sops vs. Altos at the moment, in that we really need more Sops to even things out…. and we’re always after more men of course…. 🙂

This is a beautiful venue, and we will be doing 3 performances of 20 minutes each, including some madrigals and unaccompanied pieces outside, a bit of a departure from our normal performances so it should be a lot of fun! It is also part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations for the Festival, so we are very honoured to be asked to perform and would like to put in a great performance for the occasion.

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Haydn’s Little Organ Mass music and Christmas Concert Recordings now available

As Graham mentioned at the last rehearsal, we’ll soon be starting on our Autumn Concert (and tour) music programme, of which the main piece will be Haydn’s “Little Organ Mass” (Missa brevis).

If you’d like to get a head start on all of your choir friends 🙂 the music is publicly available – please CLICK HERE to display it, download and print it. We recommend that you print this DOUBLE-SIDED and staple down the left side to make a booklet that will slide into your black folders.

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Christmas concert photos are here!

Many thanks to Liz Stedall’s son Ollie for some wonderful photos of the Matinée and Evening Concerts. You can see them all on our Gallery page, and also on our Facebook page where you Social Media types can ‘like’ and share them on your timeline etc. 🙂

We also hope to add some of Ollie’s recordings of the music we sang on the day – so look out for our Concert Recordings page over the next week….
Music Practise

Last week we had a good go at the final movement of The Creation – Sing The Lord Ye Voices All. As mentioned last week there are various Youtube videos to help you learn this one as follows:-

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Well done everyone – great workshop!!

I think we all deserve a jolly good pat on the back! Saturday’s workshop was hard work but the progress and the quality of sound we are already making mean that it’s definitely paying off! Many of you are obviously practising in your spare time which really helps so much.

We will carry on progressing through the work on Wednesday…nearly finished 🙂

Please note in your diaries – next workshop: Saturday 3rd March

If we have time to cover it on Wednesday, click on the appropriate link below for a useful Youtube video for the final chorus – Sing the Lord, ye Voices All. Some of the words are slightly different but it’s useful to follow the score and listen to the notes at the same time if you don’t have your music handy.

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Workshop tomorrow!!

We continue to make huge strides on the Creation and hope to see you all at the workshop tomorrow! We hope to go through the entire work so it should be a wonderful day of singing and a turning point in our learning of the piece 🙂

Timings are 9.30am – 2.30pm (doors open at 9am) at the URC. There will be a couple of coffee breaks and a short lunch break (bringing your own refreshments is recommended – otherwise you can visit the local shops).

The more you can practise to learn the notes better. There are quite a few websites that can help you do this – here is an extract from our Music Programme & Practise page:

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