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Collect your post-concert music from 7.15pm on Weds!

Although we’re concentrating on rehearsing The Creation up to the concert now, this is just to let you all know that Rachel will start handing out all your ordered post-concert music from this Wednesday from 7.15pm onwards. If you can get there earlier rather than later it will help to calm down the music collection bloodbath…. 🙂

So if you don’t already have your own copy of:

The European Sacred Music book
The Oxford Book of English Madrigals
Ave Maria (Caccini)
The Cuckoo

you can collect it for hire/purchase (according to what you’ve told us) from Wednesday onwards. If you have ordered music to buy, please bring payment with you.

You can see what we’ll be peforming from each of these on our Music Programme & Practise page.

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Bargain Tickets available for the concert – don’t miss out!

There are some real bargain tickets to be had now in the Aisle seats (only £7 each!), and some of them have a much better view than others – ask Archie for a detailed seating plan of the Aisles. We’ve sold lots of tickets (70% of them) but we are aiming for a full house, so we need everyone in the choir to support the concert and ask friends and family to come along.
Music practise for Weds

Well done everyone for last week – another quite full-on but very satisfying rehearsal all round! It’s always such a joy as the concert starts to approach to be able to sing the pieces through, gaining in confidence and getting to performance standard.

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Concert Notes now available – and please bring The Cuckoo!

With our performance of The Creation just 1 month away, we have prepared some detailed Concert Notes and a Summary of Concert Timings for you to study and take note of and they’ve been designed for you to download and print. Members can access these on our Concert Notes webpage. This webpage will be available right up to the concert now on the Members Info menu, but you have to log in to the Members area to view it.

We recommend that you print them and the timings, and that you keep a copy of this in your Black folders ready for the concert day.

Black folders can be purchased from Rachel (£10) – please don’t leave it until concert day to buy one 🙂

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Wednesday rehearsals resume tomorrow!

Well done to all who attended on Saturday despite it being bang in the middle of Easter holidays! We worked very hard (and let’s be honest…so did Graham 🙂 ) and the workshop did reveal some wonderfully moving moments, but also some areas where we need more work!

So tomorrow we will be going over the Part 3 choruses in The Creation. Tenors and Basses especially please try to practise these as much as possible prior to the rehearsal – particularly from Page 99 – be prepared that we might be calling for an early rehearsal start for you soon….

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Workshop tomorrow – don’t forget to print your music!

Just a quick reminder of our workshop tomorrow starting as usual at 9.30am in the URC (doors open at 9am) – 2.30pm. We normally get a lot done in these sessions so it’s important to try to attend, even if not to all of it. Please bring your own refreshments/lunch and tickets will be on sale as usual!

Graham will be hoping to revisit The Creation, Haydn’s Little Organ Mass and to start 2 new pieces – the music for which you will need to download and print if possible. If not possible do not worry! We will have some pre-printed copies available for you to pick up for £1 each – ask as you come in.

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Hope you had a marvellous Easter and received lots of lovely eggs!
Firstly apologies for the last post I inadvertently sent out all about Haydn’s Little Organ Mass…with a login required. I hope I didn’t confuse you too much! I meant to save it as a webpage not a post, but didn’t want to bother you with yet another post apologising – so I’m apologising here and now! This came about because I have reorganised our Music Programme & Practise webpages (of which more later….)! Anyway – down to business….

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