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Elgar walk, concert posters, schools promotion and much much more…!

Elgar Walk

If you’re a Facebook or Instagram user you may have noticed that Amanda, our new Social Media queen, has been finding out some fascinating facts about Elgar, and in doing so has discovered that he lived very happily for a few years in Fittleworth!

Inspired by this, Amanda is organising an ‘Elgar Walk’ – a 3 hour circular walk starting and ending at Fittleworth Village Hall, exploring the environment of the Great Man. All funds raised will go towards our choir’s concert fund.

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Reminder – 7.20pm start for Sops & Altos tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow we are inviting all Sops and Altos NOT in the Semi Chorus to an early rehearsal at the URC. Doors will open at 7pm for anyone wanting to buy tickets for buses, the open rehearsal, or the concert (please keep those ticket sales coming!!).

Rehearsals are always much more fun when people have practised – so here’s a heads up on what we’ll be covering tomorrow …

From 7.20pm…

For the Sops and Altos’ (not Semi Chorus) special session we will be going over:

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7.20pm start again for Sops & Altos (not Semi Chorus!)

Following on from what was by all accounts an absolutely brilliant rehearsal on Saturday (you heard it – the best that Graham can remember this early on for a joint rehearsal…), we would like all Sopranos and Altos NOT in the Semi Chorus to arrive early (by 7.20pm) on Wednesday. This is to practise the same bit we did last time for our early rehearsal.

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Announcing our Open Rehearsal in Tillington on 10th April, and Autumn/Tour Music update!

At our last rehearsal Jeannie announced our exciting plans (initially proposed by Gillie Ross) to put on an open rehearsal at All Hallows Church Tillington on 10th April – our last rehearsal before our Easter break.

The idea of this is to invite any family and friends and those who are interested in the choir to come along and listen to some of the choruses whilst we practise, in the lovely surroundings of All Hallows church.

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7.20pm start for Sops & Altos, and Prague concert recordings now available!

Those of you at last Wednesdays rehearsal will have heard Graham ask that all non-Semi Chorus Sopranos and Altos come for an early rehearsal for 7.20pm start on Wednesday.  Please note – we will be rehearsing Chorus parts from Pg 95 that are sung with the Semi-Chorus, hence Semi-Chorus singers are NOT required for this slot.

Everyone is required as normal for the 8pm rehearsal.

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