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Have a great Summer – and those going on tour – see you tomorrow!

It’s been an incredible term with loads of new material learnt, and we hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as we have!

For everyone going on tour – we will see you at the next 2 rehearsals (both at the United Reformed Church Petworth):

9.30 – 2.30pm Saturday (tomorrow!)
7pm – 9pm Tuesday 16th (or earlier for soloists as organised with Graham)

The Running Order for all 3 concerts on tour can be found on our Summer Tour webpage.

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Tour Running Order & encores, Info evening at 7.30pm – and any more potential tour-goers or wedding singers?!

Wow the O Magnum is really coming together – good to hear Graham tell us we really got the feeling for the piece on Wednesday, which is amazing in such a short space of time .  You should all feel incredibly proud that as a choir we are starting to pick up new pieces so quickly.  It also means that you are all putting in a lot of practise time between rehearsals and it’s paying off – please do keep up the hard work and practise the Missa Brevis  (note more help available for members on our Help for Practising Mozart page) and My Heart is Inditing which we haven’t touched on for a while.

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Here’s the final run-up to the end of Term!

Keep up the good work folks – O Magnum is really starting to take shape…..  I’m not sure how many of you have managed to take Graham’s advice on Wednesday and listen to it in the bathtub, but there’s a really interesting video clip about Laurisden’s inspiration for the piece – click here to view it!

On Wednesday Graham would like to go over O Magnum and Bogoroditysye again (forgive my shorthand) and would also like to cover the Cantique de Jean Racine.

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Tour Info Evening back on 10th at 7.30pm!! And a useful practise aid for O Magnum….

Hot off the press – this is just to let you know that OneStage CAN now do the Tour Info Evening on 10th at 7.30pm before our rehearsal after all!  Please RE-adjust your diaries (we have done ours!).

Really sorry to mess you around…..hope you can still make it!

Now that we have more time again at the session, note that it is not necessarily just for people going on this year’s tour.  If you have any questions about the tour in general and are considering it for next year (it may not even be too late for this year!), do come along and ask!  It will also give you a flavour of what goes on…although as we all know and appreciate….

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RFH Photos available – and Tour info during Wednesday (no longer on 10th)!

Well done all who managed to attend on Friday – much to Graham’s delight both the Abendlied and O Magnum were covered which is great and means we are well on the way to doing O Magnum on Tour/Autumn as well as at Christmas.  Please keep up the good work and do lots of practising before Wednesday so that we can nail it!!

Apologies – Tour Info Evening no longer on 10th July

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate it’s a very busy time for Onestage (the tour company), and our scheduled slot with them on 10th is no longer possible.   Instead, information will be given out by them in a brief session during this week’s rehearsal (and there will be a quick opportunity to ask questions).

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The CD’s have arrived – see you at tomorrow’s rehearsal!

Great news folks – the CD’s have arrived and will be available for collection from tomorrow’s rehearsal!

Archie will be there with the CD’s ready with his lists, so anyone who hasn’t downloaded the music but has paid for a recording will be able to walk away with their CD.

We also have some spares for those of you who have heard from your friends how good it is and are tempted to buy one on the spot!!  All types of payment are accepted!

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