Summer Concert Programme 2020

Our Summer Concert will be on Saturday 16th May 2020 and we will be singing Handel’s Messiah at Arundel Cathedral.

Most of you will have used the score for our Christmas programme, but if you need the score please just see Rachel at our rehearsal on 8th January.

For this page you will see these Icons:-

Sample Recording

Clicking on this icon will lead you to a sample recording of the music

Audio practise

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Youtube score reading & audio practise

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Movements we’re cutting…..

We won’t be covering all the movements as it is a very long work…the list of those being cut from our performance is as follows (choruses involving the choir are shown in bold):-

  • PART 2
    • 33. Lift up your heads
    • 34 (recit) Unto which of the angels
    • 35. Let all the angels
    • 37. The Lord gave the word
    • 39. Their sound is gone out
    • 41. Let us break their bonds asunder
  • PART 3
    • 52. (aria) If God be for us

Messiah – Handel

  • We will perform the whole piece for our May 2020 concert in Arundel Cathedral
  • Cost £9 to buy, free to hire
  • Contact Rachel, our librarian, if you need a copy to buy or hire
Sample recording
Practise - Audio
Practise - Video