Problems logging in to the Members Area?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to log in to the Members area – read on to get to the bottom of it!

1. Forgotten Login Credentials

If you’ve forgotten the username/password for logging in to the Members Login page of our website, there’s an online request you can fill in on that page and if you are a member we will provide you with the info right away.

2. Clearing your Cache/Cookies

If you have problems logging in other than just needing the login credentials, e.g. if it still only displays the public menu after you’ve logged in, it could be because you need to ‘Clear cache and cookies’.  This deletes all your cookies and history which sometimes interferes with logging in to these types of websites.

NOTE: This does mean that you will lose previously-filled in information for online forms, which will need to start building from scratch again

Click below for instructions on how to do this on your:

Please note that you do this at your own risk!

3. You’re already logged in but can’t see the menus

Sometimes devices get tied up in knots (technical term) and think that you’re still logged in, but on the other hand do not display the full member’s menu.  If this happens, go to the Members Login page and you’ll see an option in blue ‘Logout’.

If you click on that, you will be logged out and you can then log in again as normal.