Earlier (1pm) start for rehearsal at St Mary’s on Sunday!

To give us a bit more practise time to perfect these on the day without the orchestra, Graham would like us all to arrive in time for a 1pm rehearsal at St Mary’s church on Sunday, and we very much hope you can all make it.

We’d also like to thank all of you for showing up at the earlier time for the rehearsal last night.  It’s very comforting for the committee to know that you’re all reading these posts and taking on board the information 🙂  If you’re not getting the emails when these posts are sent out please let us know (but then you probably won’t get this anyway!!).

EARLY (7.30PM) START FOR ALL on Weds at the Sacred Heart!

Hoping you can all manage an extra half hour on Wednesday just to give us a bit more time to polish everything off in our final rehearsal before the concert next Sunday.  In addition, because it was quite tricky hearing everyone last week, Graham would like to arrange everyone in Concert formation, so please be prepared to stand for a bit  longer and bear with him and Archie whilst they organise everyone!  Please do try to arrive by 7.15pm so that we have time to sort all this out.  We recognise that not all of you may be able to come in early, but if the bulk of you can make a real effort to do it, it would be much appreciated.

Hopefully by now you all have Black folders and the music arranged in your folders.  If not, please do it before Wednesday just in case you find you have anything missing.  If you have any questions please do email Rachel before Weds.  The day of the concert is quite difficult to sort people out!

Same songs…different location – we’re in The Sacred Heart on Weds!

Yes – don’t turn up to the URC and wonder whether there’s been a nuclear holocaust!!  Everyone will be at The Sacred Heart church on Wednesday and also the following week (11th).  Times are as usual and we will attempt to continue to sell tickets or whatever else it is that you would like to buy!

Remember that Archie has organised our Telephone Box Office for choir members to buy tickets in-between rehearsals.

Thanks for a lovely party Richard!

Well we all enjoyed the lovely party celebrating Richard’s birthday on Wednesday.

See you at the workshop tomorrow! Also Concert notes/running order now available…

We hope to see as many of you as possible at our Christmas programme workshop tomorrow at the URC!  Doors open 9am for a 9.30am start.  We expect to finish at around 2.30pm.  Please bring refreshments and something to eat for lunch.  Obviously there are some sandwich shops around Petworth but sometimes the lunch break is quite short, so it’s easier if you can bring something with you!