Just a quick post to let you all know that Graham has extended the deadline for submitting your Wait video to Friday 24th July, so please do try and send one in – you have lots more time to perfect your performance now!!

Just remember these few things:

  • Remember to sing ‘Ooh’ not ‘Mmm’ in the opening bars
  • Please use the new instruction video from Graham posted last week.  It’s available on the last email sent out and also from our Music Programme & Rehearsal Aids page, along with the music score for printing
  • If you’re new to the whole process, it’s really EASY if you have 2 devices such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone and a set of plug-in earphones.  Please do take part and have your face up there in the lights!!  Everything is explained in this information sheet (also available on the rehearsal aids webpage above).  Videos should be sent via an appropriate mechanism (e.g. Wetransfer) to TLSvirtualvideos@gmail.com It would be great to get a choir of 30-40+ for each of the 3 videos, and a lovely memento of the choir for all involved.

That’s it for now….click here to view our first video Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and look out for Many Shades of Blue (coming soon)!