Well what an amazing turnout result for the first of our 3 virtual concerts!!  We are so proud of you all – you must have put in a lot of practise time to have sung together so well when it came to putting all our recordings together, and we do hope you enjoyed listening to the final result.

The video of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is now available on the home page of our website, or just click here to view it.

Thanks also for all the videos sent so far for Many Shades of Blue – and don’t worry – we all think we sound awful when we play back our recordings.  Hopefully our first video performance has proved to you that we sound great when we’re all put back together as a choir.  We have enough videos now to make another good virtual concert, although the timings are more tricky on this one so we’ll have to see how it turns out….!

‘Wait’ videos

No hurry at the moment as Graham’s hands are full but it’s helpful to have them as soon as they are done. The deadline is currently Friday 17th July although that may have to be extended if we don’t get enough in in time.  A few things to point out on this one:

  • Remember to sing ‘Ooh’ not ‘Mmm’ in the opening bars
  • Please use the new instruction video from Graham posted last week.  It’s available on the email sent out last week and also from our Music Programme & Rehearsal Aids page, along with the music score for printing.

End of Term Thanks….

As this post ends our rehearsals for the Summer, the Choir Committee would like to extend their thanks to some of the people who have gone the extra mile….

  • A HUGE thank you to Graham for working his socks off making such a success of the online rehearsals and for coordinating and making the rehearsal videos for our first Virtual Concert (with hopefully more to come)
  • We are also extremely grateful to Ben Wili, Graham’s son, for the hours of work he put into Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and the 2 concerts to come, sometimes not going to sleep until the wee small hours whilst working on them…!
  • Thanks to Jo for the great accompaniment whilst we were able to meet in our tragically short yet enjoyable choir year.  We missed you!!  Such a pity that internet technology hasn’t quite caught up with The Leconfield Singers….
  • Thanks so much to Sally Napier-Fenning for all her work (supported by Vaughan and the team of helpers) in making sure The Leconfield Singers are fed and watered at our events.  Sally has said that she is now ready to stand down and hand over to a new Catering Queen (or indeed King), so we will be looking for volunteers once we get back to normal again.  Please have a think about this and let us know if you’ll be able to help!
  • Thank you also to Julia Bellenger and Liz Stedall for helping to ensure that all Petworth based members had access to music.
  • And of course a big thank you to all of you who have kept the momentum and fun going by battling on with the technology, attending our online rehearsals/pub sessions, wearing silly hats, and singing into your phones and computers for the last 4 months!  You have all helped to keep our choir very much alive, and we know from comments people are making that you’ve all appreciated being able to at least keep in contact with one another, if not sing as a choir.

So what happens next….?

Well to be perfectly honest…your guess is as good as ours I’m afraid.  However we’re very much in the midst of a hoping and planning phase so please keep an eye out for a letter from Rachel who will be writing to share our current thinking on rehearsals and concerts. Meanwhile…..

  • We are hoping to be able to do a Summer Bring & Sing type event on Sunday 23rd August if restrictions are eased appropriately by then, singing pieces from our Lockdown programme.  Please pencil this date in your diaries, keep everything crossed and WATCH THIS SPACE

Remember it is really important that you check your JUNK/SPAM folders just in case some of our emails end up there.  We’d hate you to miss out on any vital correspondence over the next few weeks – like it or loathe it, email is our lifeline for communication with you all, and Covid has certainly enforced technology on to everyone!

~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~

That’s it for now….do remember the Members’ Contact Details page if you’d like to keep in contact with other choir members, and look out for an email from Rachel soon.

In short, I’m afraid there are no certainties at the moment and we are all doing our level best to second guess what may or may not be possible, so do bear with us!