Our next rehearsal is our last rehearsal of term!  We fully intend to gather again in some form (physical or virtual) in September, but Wednesday is your last chance to rehearse before sending in your recordings – and Graham has asked me to tell you that we really need those recordings – currently for some reason only 16 of you have submitted a video, which ain’t enough yet!

The first video is in progress and Graham is very pleased by the number of contributions and how we all sound as a choir.  It takes an awful lot of time and effort to get to the finished article and he is having to work through some technical issues exporting the videos, so bear with him whilst all that work is going on.

And so really – don’t worry if you didn’t make the deadline for Many Shades on Friday because Graham still has his hands full with Somewhere over the Rainbow, and we don’t have nearly enough content yet anyway.   Don’t be shy…remember that Graham doesn’t sit and listen to all the recordings individually – he only does that when necessary, so however you sound will be fine, as we know we sound great as a combined choir!

When you send in your recording please remember:

  • Wear something blue if possible for Many Shades of Blue
  • Just print the score out twice if it makes it easier to follow the repeats
  • We sing ‘Ooh’ not ‘Mmm’ at the beginning for Wait
  • Please use the Message box when sending the video to give Graham:
    • Your name
    • Your choir
    • Your voice part

All are welcome to submit a video whether you’ve attended rehearsals or not.  All information on the programme and how to record and submit your video is available on our Music Programme & Rehearsal Aids page.

Why not meet up in our online pub after our last rehearsal?

This Wednesday is also the last chance to join in for a chat at our Virtual Pub with other members before breaking for the Summer, so why not join our online Pub Space at 9.30pm and see your friends again?  For information on how to Zoom in to this space, go to our Virtual Rehearsal/Pub space webpage (you’ll need to use the member’s access details to login to that page – full details are on the weekly emails we send out).

Summer Event looking more like August…

After Wednesday we will send out a post summarising where we are with planned events, term dates etc. so please do look out for that as it will contain important information for going forwards, however please do note that the much hoped for changes in Lockdown restrictions in early July were not enough to be able to host an event this month.  We are therefore looking now to the weekend of 22/23rd August but this is reliant on singing in large groups being allowed with Social Distancing, so please try to keep it free if at all possible and continue checking your choir posts!

Sharing Contact Details

We’ve had some more contact detaills sharing requests, so do let us know if you’d also like to share yours with the Summer holidays coming up.  All information and contact details can be found on our Members’ Contact Details page.

~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~

That’s it for now – remember your choir needs your videos – this is a joint effort!  See you Wednesday!