Well what an amazing effort….Graham has received a total of 43 individual video recordings for Somewhere Over the Rainbow, which is amazing.  The virtual concert is being worked on as we speak and with this many recordings I’m sure it will be a big success – a huge thank you to everyone who submitted one.

Hopefully you can all repeat the exercise much more confidently for our next piece – Many Shades of Blue.  If it’s any comfort, virtually everyone said they thought they sounded awful 🙂 , but when all these recordings are put together we sound really good so don’t give it another thought next time!  Also do bear in mind that Graham doesn’t actually sit and listen to all the recordings and pass a critique on your singing abilities – that would take hours and hours and it’s not at all what this is about….instead the sounds are all put together and edited as a chorus, so please don’t feel at all embarrassed!

Time to submit your Many Shades of Blue recording – wearing blue!!

During Wednesday night’s rehearsal the idea popped up that we could all do the recording wearing different shades of blue, so if you do have something suitable to wear that would be great.  Don’t worry too much if you haven’t, black could be argued as close enough, or other close colours will do!  Above all, don’t let it put you off sending in a recording, which is far more important!!

Submitting your recording – important things to note

As mentioned previously there’s a deadline of 3rd July (next Friday) but if you can’t make it by then don’t worry, just let us know.  For those not attending online rehearsals, please feel free to submit the remaining 2 recordings at any time from now.

All videos should be submitted to the following email address using a suitable mechanism for sending very large files (we recommend Wetransfer):

Detailed instructions for submitting your videos can be found HERE BUT in particular please note the following:

  • Use the Message section when submitting your video via Wetransfer to write your name, choir and voice section.  This makes it much easier for Graham to quickly download and file your video in the correct place in his filing system without having to watch all the videos!
  • Do try to put the device you’re using as your camera against a still object to prop it up so that your image is not constantly moving around!
  • Remember that there are different words in the 2nd verse (some might find it easier to print out the final repeated bars twice so that you can just continue on)
  • these instructions have been written with an iPhone and laptop in mind, but you can substitute an iPad or an Andriod phone for the iPhone no problem!

As ever, you can find full information and rehearsal aids on this piece and all the other music in our current programme on our Music Programme & Rehearsal Aids website page, but they are also emailed to all choir members each week on Tuesday/Wednesdays, so please check your JUNK/SPAM folders on a regular basis as they do have a tendency to end up there!

Are you being asked to prove you’re human…?

Incidentally, if you are taken to a WordPress ‘I am not a Robot’ page, or indeed given a puzzle involving ticking traffic lights/bicycles/vehicles or whatever else they can think of when you click on the above webpage link, it does this because you need to log in as a member in order to view these pages as it contains copyrighted material.  If you are not already logged in and this happens to you it might be easier for you to just log in from our usual Members Login page as we don’t ask you to prove that you’re human – we trust you!!

The member’s login details are sent out each week on our rehearsal reminder email – we can’t put them on this public post for obvious reasons 🙂

Conducting videos for WAIT now available!

Great news!! Graham has now completed conducting videos for our final piece Wait, which are available on our Music Programme & Rehearsal Aids webpage (click the video button in the Wait section).  These have been done in the same way as the other 2 pieces and are designed for you to play on 1 of your devices using headphones (so that we can’t hear it) whilst you record yourself singing into your other device.

OOH’S Please!

For those unable to attend last week’s rehearsal we decided on singing ‘OOH‘ and not ‘MM‘ in the opening bars of this piece.

~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~

Well that’s it for now – don’t forget to wear blue if you can – and good luck with the recording!