Graham is really pleased with the quality of the videos sent in so far….but we need more please!!  We need to get up to at least 30 contributions to make a decent video of each piece, so please don’t go thinking everyone else is doing it because our choir is made up of all of us.

The key message to everyone here is – as a choir we sound great, so please don’t worry about how you sound when recording yourselves as it WILL sound different when all the voices are mixed together! If you follow Graham’s conducting video on YouTube you will be absolutely fine.

We’re only talking about sending in Somewhere Over the Rainbow at the moment.  If you will be struggling to get it done by tomorrow then contact Graham to let him know, we can extend the deadline under certain cirmcumstances.

If enough of you contribute, the end result will be such a lovely momento for our choir to use for years to come, so make sure you’re included!

All the scores, rehearsal links and instructions for recording/submitting your videos are on our Music Programme & Rehearsal Aids webpage.  I’ve also been sending out a weekly rehearsal email for those of you who struggle to log into our website, with all the links there in front of your very eyes, but unfortunately sometimes these emails end up in the Junk/Spam folder (I know…how very dare they!) – so if you haven’t received these please do check that folder/let me know just in case….

Now…over to you! 🙂