We have had a very positive response to Graham’s rehearsal videos for Somewhere Over the Rainbow, with many people finding it much easier to practise and record whilst watching it, as it is the closest thing we can do to simulate the experience of Graham conducting it in your front room!  So if you haven’t tried the one for your voice section yet, do give it a go.  You can find them all on our Music Programme & Rehearsal Aids webpage, and there will be another one coming shortly for Many Shades of Blue which, we rehearsed for the first time last week, as soon as Graham gets his voice back 🙂

Go for it…..!!

So now we are asking all of you to have a go at recording yourself singing these rather lovely pieces of music – they are really short, easy to learn and have been written especially for us by Chris Williams.  We can only make a video with lots of YOUR videos – so why not give it a go?  Don’t forget to warm your voice up beforehand!

If you’re wondering what sort of video we’re aiming for, click here for an example of a virtual choir performance from the Chichester Singers – singing We’ll Meet Again.  I’m not saying it will look exactly like this, but it will hopefully give you an idea of what can be done if we have lots of contributions!

If you need some help on how to record yourself and submit your video, please click here for some detailed instructions.  These should have already been sent to you via email (Mailchimp), but if you’ve not received it please look in your JUNK folder (that’s where mine ended up…!).   If you’re still stuck, contact Ruth.

Meanwhile, if you need any help from a music perspective or are unsure if your recording is OK, please contact Graham.

All videos should be emailed to TLSvirtualvideos@gmail.com, using a facility that allows the sending of large files such as Wetransfer.

Has everyone got their music…?

A big thank you to Julia B and Liz Stedall who have been helping to make sure that no-one in Petworth is without their music!

However we can’t always reach everyone, so if you are still struggling with your printer, please let me know!

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…!

Never have the words of that song been more fitting to current circumstances….

We are still hopeful of and working on some sort of choir get-together outside over the Summer.  If we cannot meet in large numbers during what would have been our tour week (3rd week of July), we will aim to do something during the 2nd week of August instead.  This is reliant on the Lockdown restrictions being eased for outside gatherings of larger numbers of people, together with a reduction of the current 2m Social Distancing requirements, so keep everything crossed…..!!

Summer term will officially end on our planned End of Term date of Wednesday 8th July, which will be our final Online rehearsal before we break for the Summer.  We remain hopeful, as do other organisations, of continuing with ‘proper’ choir rehearsals in some form in September, and of putting on some form of performance during the remainder of this calendar year.  However like all these things we will not know for certain until much nearer the time. With all things considered, we will endeavour to offer to return any subscription surplus to you for the 2019-2020 financial year ending August 31st, and ask you to keep reading our posts for news of how/when we intend to restart rehearsals after the Summer break.

~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~

That’s it for now – see you on Wednesday, and don’t forget to send in those videos – and I don’t know who Lori Deschene is, but she makes a good point and I thought I would share the sentiment….!! 🙂