We were really chuffed with the turnout last week – obviously many of you are really inspired by the thought of producing our vey own Leconfield Singers video performance!

In order to help ensure that we are all keeping to exactly the same (and the correct!) timing, Graham has very helpfully produced videos of himself conducting and singing each of the voice sections, with the ‘click’ audio files in the background.  It may be preferable to use these videos for both your reheasals and/or your final performance, or indeed if you were experiencing any technical problems using the audio files.

These videos have now been added to our Music Programme & Rehearsal Aids webpage – just click the video button on the Somewhere Over the Rainbow section of the page, which looks like this: and then choose your voice type in the popup menu.  If you have any trouble accessing our Music Programme & Rehearsal Aids webpage, please let me know, but there will be an email sent out this week prior to the rehearsal and the links will be on that too.

If you can plug headphones in to your PC/laptop/iPad and play back the videos on that device, you can prop up your smartphone so that it has a good view for recording you (even perhaps using the laptop screen to prop up your phone).

The key thing is to try to look into your phone so that we can see you face as if you were singing as part of a choir.

But more on this at next week’s rehearsal.  Don’t worry we will send out some detailed instructions and try to make the process as simple as possible! We are currently working on the best way of receiving your videos, so we’ll let you know when/how you can start sending them next week.

Meanwhile, keep staying in touch with each other…

There are all sorts of ways you can still keep in touch with other choir members:

  • Don’t forget to visit our Facebook or Instagram pages.  Emma is doing a great job posting interesting info, and we’d love your contributions if you have videos/images of lockdown that may be of interest to our choir members.  Simply email socialmedia@leconfieldsingers.co.uk
  • Whether or not the online rehearsals are for you, join us in the pub afterwards from 9.30pm onwards every Wednesday evening, where we discuss life during lockdown and sometimes even have the odd quiz!
  • Remember we have a shared Contact Details webpage where you can look up choir members who have agreed to share their contact details with other choir members.  You’ll need to log in to the Member’s Area for access

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That’s it for now – enjoy the new rehearsal videos, and see you on Wednesday – in the pub and/or at the rehearsal.