Hopefully all of our signed up members have by now received an email explaining that we have a very new and exciting venture for on the way (followed by an apology to all Altos for the incorrect rehearsal file being linked ūüôā )!

We know that some of you prefer email, and some of you prefer these posts, which also have a non-members audience, so forgive us for repeating a little of the summary from our recent email so that we can reach everyone we need.

During lockdown we have been working our way through lots of wonderful, largely new, repertoire with occasional visits to Handel’s Messiah but now it’s time for something completely different which we hope you will want to take part in whether you have been joining rehearsals, singing along at home, or simply taking a break from choir.

With¬†the cancellation of the tour and uncertainty¬†as to¬†what we¬†may be able¬†to do in the Summer/Autumn,¬†Graham felt it would be good to have¬†a new project for the choir so the plan is to produce our own virtual¬†‚ÄúMosaic‚Ä̬†choir performance.¬†The process is that we record voices individually and then ‚Äúmix” them together to create the full choir sound – you may well be familiar with this from other virtual choirs that have sprung up during this Lockdown period. Our performance would then be made available online.

Since it is the first time we have tried this, Graham has looked around for some short, simple, music with wide appeal and has come up with three pieces written/arranged by Chris Williams especially for us and our sister choirs of BCS and CCS during the pandemic.

Chris has cleverly used some of the themes of lockdown to create the music.¬†¬†The first piece is a new arrangement of¬†Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Something¬†of a departure from our usual repertoire, it is short ‚Äď just 1 minute long¬†‚Äď has wonderful harmonies and is straight forward, but fitting for present times.

The second is a piece called Many Shades of Blue (blue being a reference to the nursing profession), and the third is Wait (an arrangement of the Lennon/McCartney song). These two last only approx. 2 minutes each.

Crucially, the more people who take part the better and, given the choice of music, the more poignant this project could be, so we really encourage you to have a go and we will, as always, be on hand to offer technical support if required.

The simple steps are:

  1. Learn the music – in online rehearsal or at home (files on our webpage)
  2. Record your voice part (instructions on our webpage)
  3. Enjoy the results once we’ve done the mixing wizardry!

IMPORTANT NOTE for non-members: We are also keen to encourage potential new members, or singers who are just looking for an exciting project.  If you have any friends/family that you think this might appeal to, please do feel free to forward this post to them.  We ask only for a small donation of £5 from non-choir members. If you are one of these people, please email us on info@leconfieldsingers.co.uk to sign up/get more information.

For more detailed information, and access to the music scores and rehearsal files, as a member please visit our Music Programme & Rehearsal files webpage (available at any time from the Music menu on our website).  You have to log in as a member to the website to see the Music menu.

That’s it for now – don’t forget our Members’ Contact Details if you’re itching to get in touch with anyone.

If you have any questions on the Virtual Choir stuff – just ask.

Do join us on Wednesday to start on Somewhere over the Rainbow even if you are too shy to appear in the concert (we can just take your voice recording if you want!).

See you on Wednesday…