First – a message from our chairperson Rachel, who many of you will have noticed has been missing from our rehearsals of late:

“It’s so good to see rehearsals continuing and to write with the positive news that we are working on the possibility of holding an al fresco social/singing event, if the lockdown is eased further over the next couple of months, and larger groups are allowed to gather outside whilst maintaining social distancing. Watch this space for further updates!!

We are also exploring ways in which we might be able to start up rehearsals even with some distancing in place but clearly this is all totally dependent on Government directives at the time and subject to how members wish to manage their own risk within them.

On a personal note, I am sorry not to have been able to attend rehearsals myself these last 3 weeks but my father became very ill and I had to shoot down to Hampshire to help care for him; I will join you again as soon as I can. Meanwhile I am, as ever, very grateful to the Committee and Team Tour for all the work that carries on behind the scenes – particularly during these tricky Covid times – but special thanks must go to Ruth, Graham and Archie for keeping rehearsals running smoothly while I am somewhat distracted…..”

I’m sure you will join me in wishing Rachel all the best whilst she oversees her father’s care during this tricky time, and we look forward to having her back in the centre of things as soon as possible.

Music for Wednesday

Graham would like to practise O Vos Omnes (Casals) for next week.  Note: This is not the same as O Vos Omnes (Victoria) that we have performed on tour/in Autumn before now.  The music score is in the ESM book (Pg 99 No. 13), or alternatively we have a PDF for you to download and print.

All information, music score and rehearsal files for this piece of music can be found on our Music Programme & Rehearsal Aids page.

Also…….watch this space – Graham has been thinking about some exciting things we can do in this climate with the whole choir (not just those turning up to online rehearsals) and he is a man with a plan!  More will be revealed as he explores possibilities…….

You may have to keep your distance, but you can still be sociable!

There are all sorts of ways you can still keep in touch with other choir members:

  • Don’t forget to visit our Facebook or Instagram pages.  Emma is doing a great job posting interesting info, and we’d love your contributions if you have videos/images of lockdown that may be of interest to our choir members.  Simply email
  • Whether or not the online rehearsals are for you, join us in the pub afterwards from 9.30pm onwards every Wednesday evening, where we discuss life during lockdown and sometimes even have the odd quiz!
  • Remember we have a shared Contact Details webpage where you can look up choir members who have agreed to share their contact details with other choir members.  You’ll need to log in to the Member’s Area for access

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That’s it for now…see you on Wednesday!  Meanwhile during Lockdown….