Everyone booked on the tour to Bilbao should by now have received the news in an email that the Tour and the Choir Committees have taken the decision to postpone the tour until 2021.  Most importantly, the email you received contained a link to a form in which we requested your bank details for processing your refund.  If you have not received the email or need access to the bank details form to be resent, please email the Tour Committee.

Our plan is to move the tour to the same week in July 2021. We cannot at this point guarantee the exact dates as we will need to be flexible on the days to ensure we get the cheapest flights possible, however we will still be going to Bilbao and the hotel will be the same one that was booked for this year. We will be able to let you know confirmed dates later on in the year.   In addition, if you didn’t book but would like to consider it for next year you would be most welcome – bookings will be open to additional choir members once we know the dates.

Perhaps we can have a choir event in the UK instead….?

Due to postponing the tour we are looking at the possibility of organising some form of musical event in this country for the whole choir (not just tourers) at some poiint during the five days we would have been in Bilbao (15th – 19th July). Obviously we cannot plan anything concrete until much nearer the time and until we have more of an idea on the progress of easing lockdown, but if it is at all possible we would like to organise some form of get-together (possibly outside) so please keep the original dates for this year’s tour free if you can. We will let you know in due course if we are able to plan anything.

Next rehearsal…

…we will be continuing with O Quam Gloriosum (Victoria) from your ESM books (No 52 pg 355).  Rehearsal aids are available – click here to listen to your voice part, or click here for a full recording.  Rehearsals are 7.30pm – 8.30pm for Sops and Altos, 8.30pm – 9.30pm for Tenors & Basses.

In addition, have a search around your house and in that fancy dress chest…. for a bit of a giggle some of us will be turning up with silly hats 🙂  You have been warned!!

To join the next rehearsal and/or the pub before/afterwards, go to our Virtual Rehearsal/Pub space webpage (you’ll need to log in to the Members’ area first).

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That’s it for now folks…