It’s so great that the online rehearsals continue to be well attended – well done to all of you who are clicking on our link joining in, and to those of you who are practising at home. All the pieces we are rehearsing at these online sessions will be performed by us as a choir eventually, so it’s worth putting the time in to learn them.

Practising for the next rehearsal

We’re progressing really well through Purcell’s Come ye sons of art (judging by the open mouths last week!).  This Wednesday the plan is to complete that, and also to start Victoria’s O Quam Gloriosum (which I can’t help feeling sounds like a spell out of Harry Potter and the Musical Director’s Curse)!  The score for this piece can be found in your ESM book, No 52 pg 355, but if you can’t find your book, there’s a PDF available online for you to print – just visit our Music Programme & Rehearsal Aids webpage, where you’ll also find further information on everything we’re covering during this lockdown period, including rehearsal aids.

As well as learning new music, we are using these online rehearsal sessions to remind ourselves of some of the choruses from The Messiah, as we want to be prepared to be able to perform this work at the earliest opportunity!  To that end, we will be going back over For Unto Us a Child is born – so do get practising all those runs that we perfected at Christmas again – it will be like singing an old friend!!

Just to let you know also – I’m going to save your inboxes and stop sending out emails to everyone on Wednesday’s as a reminder, as I’m assuming you all know the score now…!

Brush up your general knowledge for our online pub…!

If the thought of an online rehearsal doesn’t appeal, do come and join us at our virtual pub.  From 9.30pm, Thomas (from the Basses) has started a tradition of doing a quiz – so it’s also a good chance to brush up on your general knowlege as well as take the mickey out of people’s haircuts (or lack of them!).  You’ll find a link to our Virtual Pub on our Virtual Rehearsals/Pub Space webpage – hope to see you there!

Keep up the Contact!

We are aware that some of you have not managed to visit either the rehearsal or the pub space, or feel it’s not for you.  If this is you, but you are longing for a catch up with someone at choir, remember we have our Members’ Contact Details page where you can find phone numbers and emails of all those willing to share their details with you!

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That’s it for now – keep up the good work, keep singing and maybe some time in the future we may well be having this conversation….