Well done to all of you who attended the online rehearsal and finished learning Thou Knowest Lord (Purcell) last week, and to those of you who didn’t attend the rehearsal but practised at home – we know you are doing really well too  🙂 It is a beautiful piece and there was much appreciation from members on completing it.  I’m  sure it will be a complete delight to sing it when we get to rehearse and perform together again in the near future.

Next online rehearsal we will continue with Come ye sons of art (Purcell).  Believe it or not the Tenors & Basses actually jumped ahead of the Sops and Altos last week and ended up doing all 3 of the choruses in this piece – so the Sops and Altos have some catching up to do as we just did the first chorus….!  Graham said he may also start on some of the ‘duety bits’ which sounds most intriguing….so be prepared!

Then the following week, we will start on O Quam Gloriosum (Victoria) which can be found in your ESM book, No 52 pg 355.  Alternatively if you go to our Music Programme & Rehearsal Aids page (formerly known as Music Programme & Practice – but we got fed up of the debate on whether we were using a noun or a verb 🙂 ) you will find a PDF that you can print and some rehearsals aids to help you learn it.

We also had much fun and jolity in the pub afterwards – many thanks to Thomas for digging out a quiz.  If anyone has one that they can bring along I think we are all feeling fairly confident at our general knowledge now!

Joining online rehearsals is really easy!

If you can master logging in to our website, it is honestly so easy to join – you just click on a link.  Some of you have asked how it is possible to conduct rehearsals in this way.  Obviously it is not a rehearsal in the normal sense as everyone’s internet works at different speeds, so we can’t hear everyone singing around us, but it’s proving a fun way of learning a new music programme in a sociable way, so that when we do finally get together again we have the bones of a programme to polish and work on without the note bashing element.

To join the rehearsal all the details are on our Virtual Rehearsal/Pub webpage.

If you can’t join or feel it’s not for you, please do try to learn the pieces so that you don’t have to miss out on learning music during Lockdown and we can start from the same point when we get back together again.

Keep in touch…!

Social Media flies in the face of Social Distancing, so don’t forget to visit our Facebook and/or Instagram pages and give any contributions to Emma.  It’s a good way of people having a laugh and keeping in touch, but it needs your input!

Meanwhile there is always our new Members’ Contact page to contact members directly/share your contact details.  A number of new people have added their details, so do keep looking at it for the latest list.

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That’s it for now.  Hope to see many of you on Wednesday!