We may still be rehearsing virtually for the next few weeks at least, but we’re pleased to announce all the music we’ll be covering in our online rehearsals! The idea is to try to rehearse this programme in whichever way is possible so that if/when we get the chance to do some sort of performance or rehearsal together in the coming weeks/months we will at least know all the notes of these new pieces and have a head start!

So...please don’t despair or feel left out if online rehearsing simply doesn’t work for you (or if your hair has become far too embarrassing for a public viewing and you can’t work out how to switch video off!) you can still:

    • follow what we are learning/singing through for fun – take a look at our newly-updated Music Programme & Practise page, which after a brief absence has made a return to the Music menu when you log in to our website
    • come and say hello via the pub on a Wednesday evening for a pre-choir chat 7pm – 7.30pm and then after  9.30pm – it’s for everyone, whether joining rehearsals or not!

Remember to visit our Virtual Rehearsal/Pub webpage if you’d like to join in the fun!

Printing and Practise for Wednesday

Last week we finished off O How Glorious – Harwood, started Thou Knowest Lord – Purcell (much easier than the Harwood!) and reminded ourselves of Behold the Lamb from the Messiah.

This Wednesday we will finish Thou Knowest Lord, look at O Thou that tellest (Messiah) and start the first chorus from Come ye sons of art (which is quite lively in contrast to Thou Knowest Lord).  You will need to print the PDF for Come ye sons of art – click here to view the vocal score for choir only.  There’s plenty of help for learning it on our new Music Programme & Practise page.

New Members’ Contact page

Many of you have responded to our invitation to share your contact details with other choir members, and as a result we’ve also found that some of your details are actually incorrect or need updating!  So…in response to this we’ve now got a new webpage (Members’ Contact Details – from the Members Info menu on our website) to manage your contact detals. On this page you will be able to:

  • view up-to-date contact details of members who have given their permission
  • update your permission on sharing your details
  • update our records if you see an error or have changed them in any way

Please do still ask us to get in touch with someone for you if they are not on the list and you want to contact them.

In the meantime in Lockdown….

  • I’m sure we’re all sick of singing Happy Birthday twice whilst washing our hands!  There are lots of alternative suggestions on the web from contemporary music – can we come up with any classical ones?! The first Hallelujahs of the Hallelujah Chorus (ie the first 8 bars) take slightly under 20 seconds – certainly at Graham’s pace they do!! – so if you sing the intro as well your hands will be squeaky clean by the end. Please do forward any other suggestions to Emma for our Facebook/Instagram pages.
  • Do keep looking at Facebook and Instagram and tell us what you’ve been/are up to during Lockdown.  We already have one or 2 amusing video clips!!  If you have any problems with setting it up or using it please ask!

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That’s it for now – stay safe, see you on Wednesday, and remember when you join the rehearsal you don’t HAVE to switch your video on…!