Once again we were pleased to see so many of you at our online rehearsals again on Wednesday.  We seem to have our mouths open more in unison for O How Glorious – Harwood, and singing Ave Verum felt so good we sang it twice!

Please note that we have decided to carry on with our online rehearsals and not break for the Easter week, so we hope to see you all again then!

Hopefully we will consistently have half the choir attending so that when we do eventually get back together, maybe even for a performance of some sorts, we can just bang out a few new pieces as well as old ones, and be pleasantly surprised about how good we sound 🙂

The pub was also very well attended last Wednesday – but we’d like your feedback on this – please email chair@leconfieldsingers.co.uk for your comments on the timings.  Does anyone attend the pub from 7.30pm – 8.30pm?  Should we close it until after 9.30pm?  More importantly, are you managing to find it?  Please let us know.  Most people seemed to join after 9.30pm, and we also got to see Archie’s Hot Crossed Buns which he had been baking during the rehearsals and which looked amazing!

Next Rehearsal…

For full details of our next rehearsal, how to get in to the rehearsal and the pub, links to download the music and rehearsal aids, please visit our Virtual Rehearsal/Pub webpage.  This page can be accessed at any time on our Members Info menu – this menu appears after you log in to the Members area of our website.

Next Weds we will finish off O How Glorious is the Kingdom – this will have a great sound when we sing it as a choir. If you want to hear what it would be like singing your part with the rest of the choir and organ you can do this by playing our recommended Youtube version and singing your part with your music whilst it is playing.  Personally I’ve found this to be a really satisfactory way of practising and learning the piece, and it puts it all into context.

We will also look at Behold the Lamb from Messiah, so you’ll need to have your Messiah score at the ready.

New Piece for Wednesday…

In addition you’ll be thrilled to hear that there’s some more new music to print out: Thou knowest Lord  – Purcell.

Please click on the Printer icon to display the music score for you to download and print.  Printing issues?  Please contact treasurer@leconfieldsingers.co.uk

PDF for Printing

Click on the printer to display a PDF of the music which you can download and print or just read from the screen!

Sample Recording

Click on the image for a Youtube clip of a sample performance

Rehearsal Aids

Please click on the buttons below for your rehearsal aids



Tell us what you’ve been up to!

Some of you may have noticed that Emma has launched a bit of a competition on Facebook to send us clips of what you’ve been getting up to during this Lockdown period….it can be anything you think might be amusing or entertaining in some way, including you singing or playing a musical instrument.  If you have anything you’d like to send in, please contact Emma on socialmedia@leconfieldsingers.co.uk and you might win a bottle of fizz!


Want to learn more about how to read music?

The ability to read music, whilst not essential for our choir, is a huge help to learning the pieces and a lovely skill to have in life generally.  If you would like to learn more about it there is a course being held by the Open University.  Just click on THIS LINK.


Contacts Database

We have a few signed up for the Contacts database and will be sending this out very shortly.  If you’d like to take part and have your contact details sent out to choir members click on this link and we’ll add you to the list.  The list will be updated all the time so there’s no time limit to adding your name.

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That’s it for now – Happy Easter Everyone and see you on Wednesday!