As those of you who use Facebook will know we had a great turnout for our first virtual rehearsal last Wednesday – thanks to all those who clicked the link and ‘Zoomed’ in to our rehearsal!  We had over half our members join and many of you were appreciative of not only the chance to sing and learn music again, but also to see some familiar faces!

Although we couldn’t hear each other sing, and neither could Graham (the technology to get rid of network delay (latency) isn’t quite there yet…), Graham did a great job of directing us through so that we could recap our notes in Thanks be to God from the Messiah.

As the rehearsal was welcomed by all who attended, I’m pleased to say that this will be a regular occurrence from now on, including a virtual drink at the pub afterwards! In fact we are opening the pub from 7-11pm so you can join to chat with friends before and/or after your rehearsal time – just switch from one space to the other using the links on the web page. If you aren’t joining rehearsals you are still welcome to come and chat in the pub!

Here are some important points to note going forwards:

Rehearsals to start at 7.30pm

By popular request we will be moving our 8-10pm slot forward by half an hour from now on – because we can!!  By the time the Basses came on it was getting quite late, and really there’s no need to have the rehearsal that late any more.

Each week Graham may choose to rehearse the voice groups separately or together.  For this coming Wednesday, he will be rehearsing Sopranos and Altos together in the first hour (7.30-8.30pm) and Tenors and Basses together (8.30-9.30pm).  Hopefully you will all be OK with this.  If not please do let us know.

Introducing our new Virtual Rehearsal/Pub Webpage for members…!

To keep the whole process simple and also inform you of the start times for each voice group each week, we have created a new Webpage – Virtual Rehearsal/Pub Space.  Please visit this page now to familiarise yourself with the links on it.  The page will always be available from the Members Info menu which you can see when you log in to the Members area.

For obvious reasons the page is for members only, so I’m afraid you’ll have to use the choir website username and password to view it.  If you’ve forgotten it, don’t worry CLICK HERE, tell us your name so that we can recognise you as a member, send it and we will reply and divulge the login instructions.

On this new page you will find everything you need with detailed instructions on how to use Zoom etc. if you are new to it.  If you are quite au fait with it having masterered it last week, you only need to click the Rehearsal space at your alloted time to join the rehearsal.  You can click the Pub space at any time from 7pm – 11pm on the rehearsal evening, when you’re not actually rehearsing, to drop into the pub, but you’ll need to bring your own drink!!

New Music for Wednesday’s rehearsal!

Having got to grips with the technology, we thought it would be good to try a new piece of music, so Graham is going to start on ‘O How Glorious is thy Kingdom’ by Basil Harwood.

To get the music score, please go to the new Virtual Rehearsal/Pub Space webpage and scroll down.  You’ll find a link to a PDF of the music which you can print and practise in readiness for Wednesday’s rehearsal.  Again if you need the login details, don’t be shy!  Just request login details from us.

Want to contact/be contacted by other choir members?

A number of people have asked to contact other members.  We thought to make things easier we would ask you to opt in/out of a choir contact details share register, so that if you’d like to share you details we can send them to other members on the register.

To let us know whether you would like to opt in/out of sharing your contact details please complete this form:


Otherwise, if there’s a specific person you’d like to contact, please email Rachel.

Tour – Coronavirus update

If you’re registered for going on Tour this Summer, you should by now have received an email updating you on the current situation from the Tour Team.

Dear Tourists,

In a time when all major group activities are being postponed or cancelled it is obvious that there could be an impact on our plans for Bilbao 2020 in July. The Choir Committee and Team Tour are working together to decide how best to handle this and want to give you an update on our current activity and thinking.

We are working with OneStage to delay the final payment as long as possible. It is currently due May 1st but we expect to be able to delay this until at least May 31st. Until that time there is no advantage to making any decision on cancelling the tour.  In fact, if we wait and leave everything in place, it means that if OneStage cancel or the Government prevents us from going, the decision to cancel would be outside our control. In that instance all payments, except the insurance premium, would be refunded  in line with the terms and conditions of the Tour or your travel insurance.

We will keep you up to date with how things are developing. Do contact any of us to discuss things in more detail should you wish to.

Keep well, stay safe

Team Tour

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That’s it for now – see you in virtual space on Wednesday!!