Dear Member

Following the recent Government directive the Committee has had to take the difficult decision to suspend rehearsals until further notice. Everything is under review at this stage and we will send regular posts/emails to keep you in the picture as we work out our plan for the immediate future.

We are devastated to have had to take this action but determined to find ways of keeping singing going if we possibly can and are currently researching options for online rehearsing – there are some quite exciting possibilities out there! Meanwhile, Wednesday evenings are obviously about singing and preparing for concerts, but they are also important for the friendships we make and the social interaction which takes place. Please let us know by emailing me if you think there is anyone who needs extra support during this difficult time (or who doesn’t have access to the Posts so needs a personal call instead) and if there are people you normally chat to at choir but whose contact details you don’t have, do ask us to get in touch with them on your behalf and we will ask permission to share their phone number. Don’t forget we also have a Facebook page and Instagram….

This is a challenging situation for us all so maybe give yourself a lift and entertain the neighbours with some home performance of the Messiah choruses!

Best wishes