Hopefully you all know by now that we have our next workshop tomorrow – on Saturday 14th March.  This is an opportunity to run through the choruses we’ve done so far, and polish off 53. Worthy is the Lamb and 51. But Thanks that we rehearsed on Wednesday.

Doors open at 9am for a 9.30am start.  There will be coffee breaks and a lunch slot (not very long though so no 3 course meals at the East St Bar & Grill 🙂 ) and we should be finished by 2.30pm.  Best to bring something to eat from home although there are limited sandwich shops in Petworth as I’m sure you know!

Next Wednesday – Clara’s Birthday Drinks!

Save the date (well time actually…!).  Clara is turning (has turned) 90 today and is wanting to celebrate with us before Wednesday’s rehearsal.  Do come along a bit earlier from 7.15pm to enjoy a tipple, a nibble and a bit of a natter!

Coronavirus rumbles on….

Obviously we continue to monitor the situation with the spread of Coronavirus and urge you all to wash your hands thoroughly (at least 20 seconds) prior to the rehearsal and during breaks.  We will be Dettoxing (but not in a Vegan way)  all doorknobs/handles light switches etc. before you all arrive for each rehearsal from now on to try to help reduce the chances of infection, but if you can remove the possibility of bringing it with you it would really help!

In addition, if you feel that you have any of the symptoms (a high temperature and/or a continuous cough) or someone living in your home comes down with them, please call 111 and stay at home.  Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

CLICK HERE for Government advice on hand washing
CLICK HERE for the latest general Government advice on the virus


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That’s it for now – keep washing those hands, and we’ll see you tomorrow!