2021 concert will be in Chichester Cathedral!

It’s official….for our Spring 2021 concert we will be returning to the beautiful Chichester Cathedral on Saturday 24th April – programme to be announced in due course, but save the date!!  We had to make it a bit earlier than normal for various reasons that I won’t bore you with, but it means we’ll have more time to learn our tour/Autumn music and we’re really looking forward to performing in the Cathedral once more.

Practice for next week

Last Wednesday we went over Worthy is the Lamb and got to the end!  What an amazing movement…it will sound absolutely stunning.  Keep practising this chorus as we’ll be going over it again next rehearsal.  Other choruses we’ll be starting are:

  • 17. Glory to God (Pg 68)
  • 51. But thanks (Pg 199)

Don’t forget all our help on the Music Programme & Practice page (we can easily remind you of the login details if you’ve forgotten!).

Movements we’re cutting…..

Last rehearsal Graham mentioned that we won’t be covering all the movements as it is a very long work…the list of those being cut from our performance is as follows and can also now be found on our Music Programme & Practice page for the Messiah (choruses involving the choir are shown in bold):-

  • PART 2
    • 33. Lift up your heads
    • 34 (recit) Unto which of the angels
    • 35. Let all the angels
    • 37. The Lord gave the word
    • 39. Their sound is gone out
    • 41. Let us break their bonds asunder
  • PART 3
    • 52. (aria) If God be for us

Joint Concert Sponsorship pack – let us have your feedback!

We are so pleased to see so many of you taking away/emailing copies of our Sponsorship Pack to your contacts.  We have a Joint Concert Committee meeting to discuss any feedback/improvements on the pack and possible sponsors on18th March, so we’re keen to get any updates from all of you prior to this meeting.  If you do have anything to tell/ask us please email chair@leconfieldsingers.co.uk so that Rachel can take it forward.  The Joint Concert Committee will need to assess the response to sponsorship and make a decision as to whether to further pursue the concert very shortly, so it’s important that we hear from you.  The pack is mainly for electronic distribution so it will be possible to incorporate feedback and make changes as we go forward.

The pack lays out a number of different packages for sponsoring the concert such as benefits of boxes, advertising etc., but please do bear in mind that we are happy to receive pledges for donations of any size – pure giving is also fine!! 🙂

A number of people have asked what the target number is for sponsorship.  Obviously we will try to raise as much as possible, but the aim is for £12,000 between the 3 choirs.

In the meantime we’re delighted to announce that we have our first confirmed Bronze sponsor here at The Leconfield Singers!!

Interested in singing at the Petworth Festival Service 2020?

Matthew Cooke (who sometimes helps out at our rehearsals when Jo is not available) has asked me to let you know the dates of this year’s Petworth Festival Service in case any of you would be interesting in joining this choir.  NOTE: This will most probably not suit anyone going on our Summer Tour as the service is the night before the tour.

Tuesday 14th July – rehearsal 5pm service 6 30 pm in St Mary’s Church Petworth
The main anthem will be Beatus Vir – Monteverdi, with strings, trombones and organ. This is a bright and cheerful piece as befits the occasion, and will provide the choir with plenty to do. Here is an audio track complete with synchronised vocal score:
There will also be the usual rousing hymns, chosen by members of the Petworth Festival Board, and the Bishop of Chichester will give the address.
Friday Evening Rehearsals:
Friday 5th June 7 30 pm in St Mary’s
Friday 12th June 7 30 pm in St Mary’s
Friday 19th June 7 30 pm in St Mary’s
Friday 26th June 7 30 pm in St Mary’s
Friday 3rd July 7 30 pm in St Mary’s
Friday 10th July NO REHEARSAL
These rehearsals should finish by 8.45 ish and will include a break in the middle. Attendance at a minimum of two evening rehearsals before the day would be appreciated.
If you are interested and are not going on tour, please contact Matthew Cooke via email at southdownsorganist@gmail.com about your availability for the rehearsals.

Next Workshop…

Don’t forget our next Saturday workshop on 14th March 2020 – 9.30 – 2.30pm at the URC.  Doors will open at 9am.  Remember to bring refreshments and lunch as we don’t get much time to wander around the shops!

And finally…

  • Do visit our Facebook page and Instagram as Emma digs up fascinating insights on Handel and his magnificent work!
  • Many thanks to Julia B and all our members who continue to contribute for a great Raffle result last week!

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That’s it for now – see you on Wednesday and in the meantime….