And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. the Tour and Autumn concert programme is ready for you to look at!!   You can look this page up at any time by visiting our Music Programme & Practice page and selecting the Tour programme.  Graham and the Music Group have come up with a very eclectic mix of Purcell and various other new pieces of music, so there’ll be a lot to learn after the concert, but we know how you all love a challenge!!

As time goes by this page will be filled with useful links and pretty pictures of the scores etc., but in the words of the great Jeremy Paxman as a starter-for-10 it is just the list of items we’ll be singing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Graham has adjusted the balance of chorus and solo in Purcell – O Come All Ye Sons of Art, so please bear the following in mind when you listen to any recordings and mark up your scores accordingly when they are distributed (changes to this are unlikely but never say never!): 

  • Mvt 2: Come Ye Sons of Art – Ritornello, Counter tenor solo and chorus
    • Solo to be sung full Sops and Altos 
  • Mvt 6: The Day That Such Blessing Gave – Bass solo and chorus
    • First 15 bars solo Bass,
    • then the repeat of bars 1 – 15 full men,
    • bars 16 – 30 solo Bass,
    • then repeat of bars 16 – 30 full men
  • Mvt 8: These Are The Sacred Charms – Bass solo
    • Full men
  • Mvt 9: See Nature, Rejoicing – Soprano and Bass duet and chorus
    • Duet first 11 bars
    • then repeat full Sops and Basses,
    • last ten bars before chorus full Sops and Basses

Practise for Wednesday

We certainly made some great progress on Saturday, with the choruses we’ve covered so far.   For Wednesday please keep going over your voice parts for in particular:

  • He Trusted in God
  • O though that Tellest (from Pg 46)
  • Worthy is the lamb

Calling all potential soloists….!

It’s that time of year when Graham is seeking out some fresh (or existing!) talent….if you fancy the idea of singing a solo or two either on Tour or in our Autumn Concert, please contact Graham as he’d love to hear from you!  As ever, all soloists will need to be auditioned by Graham for their suitability, so we don’t promise anything, but there’s also some limited teaching on offer, and it’s a good chance to develop those hidden talents!

Subscriptions – please make sure you’ve paid…

A quick check of which subscriptions are still due was quite surprising (and not in a good way!).  Please can you make sure that you have paid your £120 subscription for this Summer so that we don’t have to bother chasing you – it’s not a great use of everyone’s time as I’m sure you will appreciate.  If you haven’t paid it yet you’ll be hearing from us soon!  Payments are preferred by Bank Transfer – details are on our Subscriptions page.  Thank you!

Summer Tour – Airport is GATWICK!

Just to repeat Claire’s announcement on Saturday that unlike previous tours, the airport from which we’ll be departing will be GATWICK not Heathrow, so those coming further afield may well be looking for accommodation again this year.

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That’s it for now – in the meantime…..