As you will hopefully know by now we have our first Messiah workshop on Saturday at the URC, 9.30am to 2.30pm, so we’re hoping to see a large number of you there please!  These workshops are so important as they give Graham 5 hours of concentrated rehearsal time and we usually find we make huge progress after each of them.  There will be a coffee break mid-morning, a brief time to snuffle down a sarnie and then it’s back for another hour or so until 2.30pm.  Tea/coffee will be available thanks to Christine and her team of the day, but please do bring your own refreshments and lunch, or be prepared to pop out and get some!

During this workshop we’ll be going over choruses we’ve already done, as well as learning these new ones:

  • And the Glory (pg 11)
  • O thou that tellest (pg 46)
  • Worthy is the Lamb (pg 217)

So be prepared for a sectional rehearsal and a bit of note bashing.  Once again it really helps if you can do some of this in your own time between now and Saturday using the multiplicity of rehearsal aids on our Messiah Practice page.

Oh and…er….apologies to those who turned up extra early on Wednesday after my little outburst about the road diversion….it turns out it was all over by 5pm!