On Wednesday we will be relaunching our Raffle by courtesy of Julia Bellenger and supported by Jeannie!  From now on we will be running the raffle on the first Wednesday of every month, to make it a bit more special and hopefully the prize even bigger!!  The raffle costs £1 a ticket, and when the winning ticket is drawn at the end of the evening, the takings are split between the choir and the winner, so it’s a great opportunity to take part in something that both supports the choir and may result in you pocketing some cash at the end of the evening.  It’s a win-win situation we’re talking about here folks so just remember to break out that piggy bank and bring those coins with you 🙂

Practise for our next rehearsal

Last week we covered Surely and And with his Stripes with a sectional rehearsal.  This coming rehearsal, Graham would like to make a start on

  • He Trusted in God, and also
  • And he shall Purify.

So now you know…there’s no excuse for not being prepared!

Help to learn your voice parts is available on our Music Programme & Practice page, just log in to our Members area to view it.

First Messiah Workshop – Saturday 8th February

Just a reminder that our first Messiah workshop will take place on Saturday 8th February at the URC (our usual rehearsal venue).  Doors will open at 9.00am for a prompt 9.30am start.  There will be a coffee break around 11-ish and then we’ll break for a quick sarnie or two around 12.30/1-ish (all timings depend on progress!).  Then we’ll carry on until 2.30pm.  Please do remember to bring food and drink with you, although tea/coffee will be available for a small donation as usual, and there may just be enough time to pop out to a local deli and buy a sandwich (if Graham is not working us too hard!!).

Cavalleria Rusticana comes to Petworth!

Many of you will have already sampled the live streaming from the Royal Opera House at the Leconfield Hall?  Well on Tuesday 21 April, 7 pm in the Leconfield Hall, Cavalleria Rusticana is being filmed from the Royal Opera House, together with Pagliacci, by  Ruggero Leoncavallo.  This opera obviously has a special place in our hearts at the moment with our future proposals, so do go along for what promises to be a tantalising taste of what, all going well, we could be singing in 2022!

You can pick up some tickets at https://www.petworthfilmhouse.co.uk/movie-1/live2020/cavalleria-rusticana-/-pagliacci

Meanwhile, work is underway for a sponsorship pack to give to potential sponsors.  We’re hoping this will be ready in the next 2 weeks – watch this space…!

Funeral on 7th February – can you help with the singing?

As Rachel announced last Wednesday, Jo Dobbie, who used to sing Alto in the choir but then moved abroad 4 years ago, would be really pleased if a few people were free to help boost the congregational singing at her father’s funeral. The service will take place on Friday 7th February, 12 noon at Stoughton.   Please contact Rachel if you can make it, and she will forward your email to Henrietta who is coordinating it.

Life after The Messiah…?

As mentioned on Wednesday, Graham and the Music Group are currently finalising our next programme for after The Messiah, i.e. for our Summer Tour and the Autumn Concert.  They’ve looked at all your feedback from previous tours/Autumn programmes and have come up with a lovely eclectic mix of music, including loads of new music to learn (as requested).  The full programme will be viewable online from next week.

Last call for Retiring Collection suggestions!

If there are any more ideas on the Retiring Collection for our May concert please ping them across to our chair@leconfieldsingers.co.uk using that magic electronic messaging stuff!  Thank you for all the lovely suggestions so far – the Committee will be considering them all over the next week.
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That’s it for now – but in the meantime – remember….