The turkey is all gone, the family gossip caught up on, the jokes have all been told, and I don’t know about you but our Gin selection is looking pretty sorry for itself….it could only mean one thing… it was time for choir to start again…and so it did with a vengeance on Wednesday!!

There were lots of old faces (old as in familiar – you’re all very young of course 🙂 ), and some new faces, and some returning faces too!!  It seems that the Messiah is quite a draw for many of you and it’s lovely to have you back!

We started off with an old friend – The Hallelujah Chorus.  Sounded brilliant!  Then we tackled a new one – Since by Man Came Death (Pg 186), which we will be going through again next Weds.  There is loads of help for learning the voice parts of each of the choruses our Music Programme & Practice page, which you can get to from the Members Info submenu (you’ll need to log in to the Member’s area first).

On Wednesday we will start having ‘Sectional’ rehearsals where we split up in to 2 to learn our parts quicker and do some note bashing.  Anything you can do in-between rehearsals to speed this up would be greatly appreciated by everyone else, not to mention Graham & Jo!

Tea/Coffee Volunteers please!

Yes – unfortunately that Tea/Coffee won’t make itself!  It’s the start of a new term and so we need people to sign up for helping Christine with the Tea Rota.  This is a great way to get more familiar with other members of the choir – especially from other voice groups!  We are an equal opportunities choir so the invitation is open to people of any gender – don’t be shy…just ask Christine and pick a date from the Tea Rota on our website.

Fancy more Messiah?

On January 18th, Berkhamsted Choral Society are hosting their Bring & Sing for the Messiah.  Details are on their Facebook page!  Would be great to show our support and also get a head start on it, particularly if you didn’t manage to come to ours in November.

Social Media volunteer needed – come on you know you want to!!

We need a volunteer for be our new Social Media rep.  Amanda has managed to create quite a following on Facebook and Instagram with her posts, so we need to keep up the momentum.    This is a really important part of our digital prescence and is also a lot of fun to do!  You get to know the insides and future plans of the choir and will become part of the discussions on putting our message out there.  If you’re interested please email us at  In the meantime please do keep visiting our Facebook and Instagram apps.

Summer Tour – there are still places!

If you’re still thinking that you might want to go on tour with the choir to Bilbao, the tour is still open to new tourers provided you take the flights.  If you’d like any more information visit the Summer Tour webpage, or talk to Claire or Michael at choir on Wednesday.

– 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0 –

That’s it for now – in the meantime you may be interested in this….?