Happy New Year to all!

Preparations for a stunning concert on 16th May in Arundel Cathedral are now well underway…the Cathedral is booked, the artwork is ready, and Graham will soon start booking the soloists and orchestra.  All that is needed now is to start learning Messiah!!

We welcome you all back to our first rehearsal on Wednesday 8th January.  Please do bring along anyone who may be interested in singing with us.  We are particularly keen to meet new Sopranos and Tenors but really everyone would be made very welcome.  We already know of a few new people coming to try out our choir and we know you’ll make them feel very welcome!

Doors open at 7.30pm at the URC, and subscriptions will cost £120 for the entire Summer programme up to September (cards will be accepted).

If you want to have a head start, there’s LOADS of help (audio and/or visual) for your voice parts on our Music Programme and Practice page.

Music Hire Returns

Please make sure you return any outstanding hired Christmas music on Wednesday.  This does NOT include hired copies of the Messiah as you’ll obviously be needing them!  If you aren’t sure whether you’ve hired or bought your copies, just bring it with you and we’ll let you know!

Your help is needed!

  • We need volunteers to help serve Teas/Coffees during rehearsals.  Christine does a wonderful job of keeping us fed and watered but she needs help from all of you.  If you haven’t volunteered for this yet now’s your chance!  Please contact tea@leconfieldsingers.co.uk if you can help for one of the Wednesday’s this term.
  • We need a volunteer for be our new Social Media rep.  Amanda has managed to create quite a following on Facebook and Instagram with her posts, so we need to keep up the momentum.  If you’re interested please email us at info@leconfieldsingers.co.uk

Sponsorship ideas for 2022….

In the previous post I talked about our proposals for a concert in the Royal Albert Hall in 2022.  We are asking each one of you to think about your contacts in business, or as individuals, to consider sponsoring or contributing towards this wonderfully exciting project.  The potential cost of marketing to reach our ticket sales target is somewhere in the region of £12k, so please have a good think and if you have any ideas of who to approach for part or indeed all of this, please email me at treasurer@leconfieldsingers.co.uk.  We could easily throw VIP tickets into the mix – anything and everything is up for discussion at this stage.
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That’s it for now….see you on Wednesday – so EXCITING…..