Yesterday’s concert was such a joy – so lovely to see a full church at St Mary’s and so many happy faces!  Firstly a message from our esteemed Musical Director:

Wow! What a great concert! It is definitely the best Christmas concert yet. There was some very tricky music and you really pulled it off. The sound throughout the concert was really good, from both full blooded fortes to the quiet sensitive moments. The brass were fantastic too, adding their touch of festive cheer. A really lovely concert all round. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It’s hugely appreciated and I hope that you are feeling a sense of satisfaction of a great job well done – you should! Well done to all. Have a great Christmas and New Year! PS don’t forget to invite friends / colleagues / family to join us in January.

I’m sure you all join me in thanking Graham for his dedication and patience in getting us all up to speed.  Week on week he manages that tricky balance of keeping the rehearsals enjoyable yet productive, and I’m sure you’ll all agree after last night that all the hard work has paid off.

Thanks to Jo for reading Graham’s mind so well during rehearsals, and to Matthew Cooke not only for some lovely organ-playing at the concert but also for lending a hand when needed during term time, and of course – well done to all of you for all your hard work, and the audience were fantastic this year also – not just family and friends but we are now developing a sizeable Petworth fan-base!

We are once again indebted to Archie for his phenominal organisational skills (which are a bit scary at times, but always effective 🙂 ).   It’s not just about what he organises, it’s what he does to sort the unplanned stuff that is so brilliant – and there is always something unplanned….!

A huge thank you also of course to Sally and her amazing team of helpers – the operation is becoming extremely slick now and the tables brought in just over £600 whilst keeping everyone fed and watered (or wined…)!  Nothing seems to phase her and she’s always at pains to point out that the helpers are the ones that make it all possible – so thanks to all of you!  Thanks also to Jennie Royds for organsing the lovely wine & glasses with her husband Richard of The Haslemere Cellar.  So good to have decent wine on these occasions!

And every year Liz Stedall buries herself in her laptop for several weeks to produce a beautifully put-together Concert programme, aided by Bridget and husband Robert and this year Rachel too!  Thanks also to Rachel for managing to carry on her librarian roll (of which more later…) as well as keeping us all in check as our new Chair.

Thanks also to our programme advertisers whose support is much appreciated: Kevis House Gallery, Jackson-Stops Midhurst, The Arts Society West Sussex and Umbria In Harmony.

And last but not least, our Front of House Helper Husbands who turn up time and time again to help at our concerts – we really appreciate your help whilst we are singing!

Collection for the Friends of St Mary’s

The results are in for the collection at the end of the concert!  We raised £375 which will I’m sure be very gratefully received!

BUT….where’s all our music??

As you all know and appreciate, Rachel does a fantastic job of sorting out all our music, which is no mean task especially at Christmas!  During the rehearsal she asked everyone to return their hired music by the end of the concert.  Unfortunately quite a few of you did not do this.  In fact I might go so far as to say this is an all-time record of forgetfullness…..

Missing are: 10 x Nowell Nowell, 20 x What Sweeter Music, 23 x O Magnums and at least 25 x Behold New Joys!!  A pretty dire return rate by anyone’s standards…that naughty step is turning into a staircase!!

As Rachel is a particularly generous-hearted individual she is giving you all until the first rehearsal in January (8th) to return it if you forgot to yesterday. HOWEVER unfortunately she needs What Sweeter Music back by 2nd Jan, so you’ll need to contact her and post it back to her if you haven’t returned your hired copy or face a fine on your return.   We do try and make this clear every year – by returning music late you are incurring fines which we feel are only fair to be passed on to the perpetrators!

Please do take this message on board – I hope you can appreciate how frustrating it is having to repeat this at the end of each programme – please do try to do your bit.

End of rant 🙂

Concert photos

If anyone out there has some photos of our concert taken from the audience, we’d really appreciate a copy!  Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get a volunteer photographer in, which is a pity as the tree looked particularly lovely this year.  If you do have any and don’t mind us using them for our website, please send them to  All contributions gratefully received!

Check out the posts on Social Media

We’re so sorry that Amanda won’t be able to carry on doing her terrific work with Social Media next term.  In her time working on it she has created much momentum, and we now have a much greater following.  If you would like to get involved and help us with this fun and rewarding task please do get in touch.  In the meantime please do take the time to visit our Facebook and Instagram pages and like everything!

Send us your Feedback!

It’s important that we listen to everyone and note all the feedback we can, both good and bad, in order to improve our performances year on year.  If you have anything you’d like to feed back to the Concert Team and/or Committee about the concert we’d really love to hear from you.  Please send emails to

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That’s it for now…all that there is left is to wish you a fantastic Christmas and we’ll see you bright and bushy-tailed on Wednesday 8th January, ready to start on The Messiah for Arundel!