Hoping you can all manage an extra half hour on Wednesday just to give us a bit more time to polish everything off in our final rehearsal before the concert next Sunday.  In addition, because it was quite tricky hearing everyone last week, Graham would like to arrange everyone in Concert formation, so please be prepared to stand for a bit  longer and bear with him and Archie whilst they organise everyone!  Please do try to arrive by 7.15pm so that we have time to sort all this out.  We recognise that not all of you may be able to come in early, but if the bulk of you can make a real effort to do it, it would be much appreciated.

Hopefully by now you all have Black folders and the music arranged in your folders.  If not, please do it before Wednesday just in case you find you have anything missing.  If you have any questions please do email Rachel before Weds.  The day of the concert is quite difficult to sort people out!

In the meantime Rachel would like to extend her thanks to everyone who has transferred their notes to their music printouts and returned scores early – it’s been very helpful and much appreciated!

Before Wednesday Graham is asking that you all go over our music.  Remember all the help you need is available on our Music Programme & Practice page.  In particular:

  • Please practise the runs in Unto Us a Child is born.  If you go to our recommended practise site, you can slow them down and listen to every note carefully.
  • The words in Behold New Joy – particularly from page 18 onwards.  Keep reading them over and over until you feel like you are becoming fluent in Latin (which by now I believe most of us are) 🙂  E.g….

Quae non novit virum, sed ut pyrus pyrum, gleba fert papyrum  florens lilium

Ecce quod natura, mutat suaiura, virgo parit pura dei filium

Mundum Deus flebilem cernens in ruina. Rosam delectabilem produxit de spina

Produxit de spina, natum deregina, qui est medic(h)ina salus gentium

. . . .

Nequivit divinitas plus humiliari. Necnostra carnalitas magis exaltari

Deo coaequari, coelo collo cari perconiugium

  • AND….

Don’t forget to practise the carols!

On our Music Programme & Practice page, if you scroll down to the green Carols for Choirs book you’ll find an audio link to help you practise your voice part for the 4 carols we’ll be doing.  Graham doesn’t spend a lot of time on these as we tend to do them every year and most people know them really well now, but it would help if everyone got themselves up to speed on them.

Tickets – still lots of unallocated seating available!

Ticket sales are going well – and although most of the nave areas are now completely sold out, please don’t despair and feel you have to book restricted view seats.  We still have quite a few tickets to sell in the £15 ‘unallocated’ block to the right in the seating plan (this is a snapshot of what is available (orange/green seating) at the time of writing):

These tickets give the option to sit where you want on the day, as the seats in this block are not numbered, so for those of you that are struggling pinning down people this might be the answer, as you can just add to your ticket numbers and people can still end up sitting together!

Keep on putting up those posters!

Thanks to everyone for all your help so far for all the poster/flyer distribution, with a particular thank you to Julia and Jeannie who are making sure that we’re being noticed all over Petworth!

Christmas comes to Petworth today!

Don’t forget the Petworth Christmas Lights event will be taking place in Petworth today, with a small section of our choir singing carols in the Augustus Brandt Lifestyle shop window, perfect for beautiful gifts, at various intervals from 4-6pm in Market Square!  The Petworth Lights should be a really fun event which has been growing in popularity year on year as more and more shops and businesses take part.  There’s plenty of opportunity to do some Christmas shopping with the Christmas market kicking off at 11am, and plenty of entertainment on whilst you’re doing it from midday onwards!

~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ 0

That’s it for now – see you on Wednesday (if not before!!).  We’ll try to get it warmer for your all…:-)