Please do whatever you can to ensure you can attend our workshop next Saturday – this is not a drill!! (well OK I suppose it is strictly speaking …. 🙂 ). Doors open at 9am for a 9.30am start at the URC and we expect to finish by 2.30pm.  Attendance has been a bit patchy this term, so we really need everyone to push aside any engagements that aren’t directly to do with saving your life and/or relationship, in order to attend….!  Please also do try and attend all rehearsals from now on and bring ALL your music with you each time – you never know what we’ll be rehearsing next!
We’re still working on confirming the programme running order, but you can of course view all the music we’re singing on our Music Programme & Practice page, along with lots of help on learning your voice part.  You can also order a Nowell! Nowell! rehearsal CD from the English Philharmonia website. It would be really good if everyone can a) make sure you have ALL the required music with you and b) come to the workshop having practised beforehand.  That way Graham can take the notes for granted and concentrate on dynamics and tricky bits, ensuring that our final performance reaches the heady heights of perfection that our audiences have come to expect!  It also means that Rachel won’t have to spend the first few bars of each carol running around like a mad thing (that runs around madly), giving everyone temporary hire copies.  However we do realise that we are afterall, human, so if you DO happen to leave music behind or realise you’ve lost something, please let Rachel know at the beginning of the session!   Your co-operation is much appreciated.
Next week we’ll be issuing concert notes with the programme running order so that you can be fully prepared for the concert – which reminds me – anyone without a black Concert folder please ask Rachel and buy one pronto!
We will also be shortly issuing PDFs so that you can print your music and not have to take lots of heavy books in to the concert with you.

Concert matters….

Tickets are selling really well and many people are choosing to pay the commission charges and buy their tickets online.  However do remember that we are offering a Telephone booking service for choir members if you want to buy tickets outside of rehearsals and want to avoid this charge.
Seats are allocated, with the exception of a small collection of £15 seats, so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.  We are expecting a full house this year as we’re only running one concert!

Posters/flyers have arrived!

The time is nigh…we need all of you lovely people to take hold of a wad of posters and flyers to spread them around your local towns and villages.  We want people to see them everywhere they go, so that they start thinking about them in their sleep!  Angela and Shelley are running their usual campaign to blitz the area, so please help them by offering your services – this is something absolutely everyone can help with.  We will have A5 flyers and A4 posters, some of which will have been laminated for outside use – ask at the front desk.

Advertisers wanted!

Now is the time to start asking local businesses you know or are connected with to advertise in our Christmas Concert programme.  Half page is £60, full page £100.  If you or anyone you know is interested please send them this form to them to complete.

Petworth busy for St Edmund’s Day this Weds!

Just a warning that it’s the annual St Edmund’s Day street fair in Petworth on Wednesday, and this year they’ve decided to extend the celebrations to Golden Square and outside the URC!  As a result there will be severe traffic restrictions in and around the square, and rather a lot of noise right up to the time it is due to finish at 8pm (just in time for our rehearsal starting!).  In fact, the Petworth Town Band will be rounding things off by performing Sussex by the Sea on the Gallopers at 7.50pm, so we’re rather hoping it finishes on time…!

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That’s it for now – see you Wednesday (and hopefully hear you too, St Edmund permitting…!)