We’re looking forward to seeing you all bright and early for a 7pm start at our AGM on Wednesday at the URC.  Doors will open from 6.30pm and Sally and her team of helpers will be organising refreshments.  Apart from anything else it will be a nice chance to have a legitimate chat with your choir buddies!

The Agenda will be:

  • Chair’s Report
  • Musical Director’s Report
  • Financial Report
  • Executive Committee & new Chair Appointment
  • Sub Committees
  • Choir Volunteers
  • Christmas 2019
We hope to see you all at what should prove to be an informative evening.  If you have any burning issues or questions, not only for the AGM but whenever you feel the urge going forward, please send them in to us at info@leconfieldsingers.co.uk

Bring & Sing – Tell us if you can come!

We are particularly short of men but people of both/all sexes will do!! So this is a heartfelt plea to have a good think about coming…it will be a lovely way to spend a dark and dreary November Saturday and add another classic work to your choral CV!! It’s a chance to invite all those people who would like to come and try out a choir but were afraid to ask!
Planning these sort of events is never easy, particularly if you have no clue how many people or what voices we’ll end up with,  so to all those of you out there, members past and present, who have not yet bought a ticket or ticked the column on the attendance sheet, PLEASE can you fill out this form and press the SUBMIT button so that Sally knows how many cakes to ask for and so Graham can be sure of a somewhat balanced choir!:

Don’t forget to press the SUBMIT button.
You can book your tickets with Archie NOW by emailing him at tickets@leconfieldsingers.co.uk

A Thank You to our Stand -In Librarians

Rachel (and all of us I’m sure) would like to say a big thank you to Julia and Bridget for holding the fort whilst she was tootling about on the other side of the world drinking lots of Sake and watching grown men beating each other up whilst chasing a lump of leather.  Normal service is now resumed (whatever that might be!!).

Summer Tour

Apologies to non-tourers for banging on about this, but if you’ve paid but not filled in the booking form, or vice versa, or you’re still thinking about it but haven’t done either, remember that the booking form and all the info you require is now on our Summer Tour webpage, and you can contact the Tour Team by emailing them on tourinfo@leconfieldsingers.co.uk

Music practice next week

Oh yes there will be some singing next week too…!  Graham would like you to keep on practising the 2 carols from Now Rejoice! (Love Came Down & Midnight), and also next week we’ll be starting the Nowell! Nowell! ones (Past 3 A Clock and Dormi Jesu).
Next week we’ll be doing a sectional rehearsal to learn the new carols – plenty of help is available online for Now Rejoice! on our Music Programme & Practice page, or ask Graham (music@leconfieldsingers.co.uk) about a Nowell! Nowell! practice CD.

A bit of a FRRRRRRRReezing evening!

Lastly it hadn’t escaped our notice that it was pretty cold last week in the URC.  This was basically because the boiler had stopped working.  I’m no heating engineer, but I guess that pretty much explained the situation.  The URC management have apologised and sorted out the problem – so bring your swimming costumes on Weds – the heat is ON! 🙂