The response to the tour has been amazing but we do need everyone to put their money where their mouths are over the next week!!  We currently have more people interested than there are places, so be sure to get those booking forms in early to avoid disappointment and help us guarantee these flight prices.

You can find out all the information you need on prices, accommodation, transport and potential concert venues by checking out the Summer Tour webpage (you’ll need to log in to the Members area).

If you have any problems logging in – do not despair!!  Read on and there are some helpful hints and tips to get around known issues at the end of this post.

Bring and Sing – £10 tickets for members but ONLY at choir!

If you love singing (of course you do or you wouldn’t be in a choir!) and want a break from your loved ones (or want to be reunited with them… 🙂 ) then this event is the one for you!

Graham will take a workshop for the day teaching us choruses from the Messiah from scratch, and then we get to do a performance to our family & friends afterwards!  As if that wasn’t enough, Sally will be organising lots of delicious cakes and refreshments for you all.

This is a great opportunity to practise your sight reading, show off to your friends and family and recruit new members!  But to make this work we need you and your friends and family and let us know of any local choirs we can approach!  We have lots of flyers still for distribution – ask at the front desk.

You can buy member and non-member tickets from Ruth/Liz and save online commission charges before the event. Online box office is for non-members and cost £15.

If you can help Sally with refreshments, whether it’s for drinks/nibbles at the AGM or cakes/serving teas and coffees for the Bring & Sing – please email her at – she’d love to hear from you!

Music Practice for next week

Last week we had a good crack at Rutter’s O Sweeter Music as part of a sectional rehearsal.  Sops and Altos need to look in the mirror whilst singing those top notes remember!!  We also went over the last section of Behold New Joy which is sounding great.

Next rehearsal we’ll go back over the beginning of Behold New Joy – so please remind yourselves how it goes, and over the next 2 weeks Graham wants to finish the programme – so we’ll be doing the 2 carols from Now Rejoice! (especially Love Came Down) and the 2 from Nowell! Nowell!.  Please go to our Music Programme & Practice page for help to learn your voice parts before the rehearsal – it really helps if some people know the notes already!

AGM on 30th at 7pm!

Our next AGM will be before choir at 7pm – drinks & nibbles will be provided!  This is a good time for you to come and hear about what we’ll be doing going forward, a summary of what we’ve achieved and a chance for you to ask questions etc.  For those new to the choir it’s a chance to be introduced to everyone who helps behind the scenes (and there are a lot of us!) and put some names to the faces.

Do you have any questions/burning issues you’d like to discuss?  Email us at as it might be something that is of interest/concern to others.

Problems logging in to the Members Area?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to log in to the Members area – read on to get to the bottom of it!

This information is also now permanently available from the Members Login page.

1. Forgotten Login Credentials

If you’ve forgotten the username/password for logging in to the Members Login page of our website, there’s an online request you can fill in on that page and if you are a member we will provide you with the info right away.

2. Clearing your Cache/Cookies

If you have problems logging in other than just needing the login credentials, e.g. if it still only displays the public menu after you’ve logged in, it could be because you need to ‘Clear cache and cookies’.  This deletes all your cookies and history which sometimes interferes with logging in to these types of websites.

NOTE: This does mean that you will lose previously-filled in information for online forms, which will need to start building from scratch again

Click below for instructions on how to do this on your:

Please note that you do this at your own risk and don’t shoot me if it doesn’t work 🙂

3. You’re already logged in but can’t see the menus

Sometimes devices get their knickers in a twist (technical term) and think that you’re still logged in, but on the other hand do not display the full member’s menu.  If this happens, go to the Members Login page and you’ll see an option in blue ‘Logout’. 

If you click on that, you will be logged out and you can then log in again as normal.