Brexit or no Brexit, deal or no deal, those of you there on Wednesday will have heard that we are going for a tour next year based in Bilbao in Northern Spain!    Needless to say this is extremely exciting – we’ve never been to Spain on tour before and this area promises amazing food, lovely temperatures, great venues and just generally a fantastic backdrop to Tour 2020!

Last year we did a ferry trip to France (Brittany) and lots of fun was had by all (see our Gallery), so this year we have gone further afield again, which means a flight, which does mean it’ll be more expensive.  However the Tour team have bent over backwards with Onestage trying to find the cheapest combination of hotel/flights – but the days when we could price a 5 day tour abroad for £500 are long gone I’m afraid.

What they’ve managed to secure against the current backdrop in the holiday industry is amazing.  Two other more expensive hotels have been rejected, but the hotel they’ve ended up with is not only right in the heart of Bilbao but is also of an excellent standard.  This means that you will save on transport costs as you can easily walk to anywhere, so do bear that in mind when looking at the costs.

The tour – Weds 15th – Sun 19th July, 5 days, 4 nights at a really good hotel, breakfast, 3 concerts, all coach transport (excluding airport transfer to/from Petworth) and flights will end up costing in the region of £790 – £820pp.  The more people who take part, the less it will cost, and the Tour Team will try really hard to get it below £800 (approx £160 per person per day).  As ever, non-singing guests will enjoy a substantial discount.   Deposits will be £180pp (in order to secure our flights and hotel).

This area of Spain has so much to offer, and the Tour team will be looking at performing at venues in San Sebastian (the food capital of Europe, with 18 Michelin starred restaurants within a 25-kilometre radius), Gernika and Bilbao itself.

Click on the maps below to zoom in.

However during all the time to secure these prices for this tour time has been ticking.  We have 2 weeks to put down our deposit to keep the current flight prices, so we’ll need cooperation from ALL MEMBERS, whether you are planning on coming or not, to fill out a tour survey to see if the tour is going to be viable.

So…please look out and respond to an email shortly to be sent out asking whether you’d like to to go (or not) and if you love the sound of it, we’ll be asking you to book your place and send your deposit/bring it in to choir on Wednesday.

Music Practice

Last Wednesday we did the last section of Behold New Joy.  Remember there’s loads of help on our Music Programme & Practice page.

If you’d like help for any of the Nowell! Nowell! carols, you can ask Graham to order you an audio CD (£6) by emailing him on specifying your voice section or order one from the English Philharmonia website (but you’ll have to pay p&p).

Bring & Sing –  Choir Box Office opens next week!

You can start buying £10 tickets as members from Wednesday – just ask Liz/Ruth at the cashier desks!  Posters are also available for distribution by members.  Please keep spreading the word – as Graham said last week this is a great opportunity to boost the numbers of the choir (especially Tenors/Basses).  Every choir has a ‘churn rate’ so we must always be looking to attract new members, and the best people to do that are your good selves!!

Collection for Petworth Cottage Nursing Home – £125 raised

Just to let you know that we received the following message from Kate Cooper of the Petworth Cottage Nursing Home after handing over our retiring collection from our Autumn Concert:

“Many thanks for dropping off the £125.06 from your collection. It is lovely receiving money that we can put towards our current projects, and it is even better when it comes from such a joyful event as singing.


As you probably noticed yesterday, we are in the process of putting paths to our new raised beds and, eventually, we will have a summer house for the residents and their families to use. Your collection money will be put to good use..



With best regards




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That’s it for now – be sure to respond to the email about the tour.  Meanwhile…