Those of you who attended choir on Wednesday will have heard Jeannie announce that the new Chairperson proposed by the Committee is Rachel – our current Librarian – to take over from Jeannie at the AGM on 30th October.  It was not a difficult choice/selection process as Rachel was in fact the only candidate that came forward 🙂 but I must say that we are absolutely delighted that she has, and judging by the response on Wednesday so are all of you!

Concert Running Order now Available!

The Concert Runniing order is now ready for you to print out and stick in your folders. You can get to it from our Concert Notes page.  Best results are obtained by downloading it before printing.

Autumn Concert – we’re looking for volunteers….

  • Please support Archie, who is organising a working party to set up the concert from 1 pm.  If you can come at that time and help please let him know by emailing – he’d love to hear from you!
  • Front of house: we are looking for friends/relatives to greet and steward members of the audience, check tickets and sell programmes. Assemble at 5.10 pm. Again, if you can help please email Archie before the rehearsal on

Please make sure you’ve got all your music!

As most of you will know, Rachel is going to be away watching England beat everyone in the Rugby World Cup in Japan for the next 3 weeks, so she has asked me to tell you that this week’s ‘featured librarian’ is Bridget, and the week after it is Julia.  There is also still some ordered music  to pick up ….please can you pick it up if it’s yours – you know who you are (or failing that – we do)! 😉  I’m sure I wasn’t the only person feeling sorry for Rachel running around frantically during the rehearsal getting music for everyone that hadn’t already picked it up, so hopefully you’ll all be organised for Bridget/Julia and will make sure you have everything you need now for both concerts before we start singing!!

Also – don’t forget to download Carol of the Bells if you haven’t already or pick up a printout (£1) on Wednesday.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Singing in September but not at Christmas?

Please could people return any scores immediately after the concert if not singing at Christmas. Otherwise first rehearsal afterwards (beautifully rubbed out of course) is fine….


Autumn Concert Tickets – spread the word!

We’re doing well but could do better!  Go on – there’s only 1 week left to buy your tickets now, so if you’d like to avoid the rush on Wednesday and the commission for buying online, just email us at and we’ll book them for you.  You can pay by bank transfer or at choir.

Meanwhile please continue to do your best to spread the word to local businesses, friends, family and neighbours.  There are plenty of flyers/posters for you to pin up and leave at suitably high-class establishments – ask at the front desk on Wednesday.

Music Practice

(Note correct spelling now 🙂 – thanks to all who contributed the English expertise!)

Last week we practised O Magnum Mysterium for Autumn, so do please go over it in your own time to remind yourselves how it goes. For Christmas we started Behold New Joy.  You can hear what it’s supposed to sound like in a sample recording from our Music Programme & Practice page.

~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ –

That’s it for now!  See you on Wednesday for our last rehearsal before the Autumn concert, so get practising – helps to make Graham’s job easier – and we all know how complicated that is…!