Hello all you gorgeous people!  We do hope you’re having a marvellous Summer, and that you don’t mind turning your mind to the coming months of colder weather, cosy fireplaces, chestnuts roasting on them and…yes…Christmas!!

Rachel, that most dilligent of librarians, has been very busy sourcing all the various music scores and books for our Christmas programme.  Graham has surpassed himself as there are rather a lot of them – it has to be said 🙂

To make the whole process run as smoothly as possible you will be very excited to hear that we have put together another Google Form for you to complete to let us know what you wish to hire/buy.  When deciding whether/what to buy, you might like to bear in mind that the Messiah is not only for 2 choruses for the Christmas term, but is also for the Bring and Sing on 9th November and we are then singing the whole work at Arundel Cathedral in May, so it will be very well used over the coming months! 

All music which is to hire or buy is listed on the form, but please note we are also singing:

  • Peter Wilhousky: Carol of the Bells which we are supplying in PDF Format. You can also print it at any time from the link on the Music Programme & Practise page (we will as usual have a few copies for sale for those who aren’t able to print out).
  • …..and one piece which is yet to be confirmed!
The complete programme listing is on the Music Programme & Practise page where we will also be putting links to performances and help with practise as we find them!


Box Office is now open for our Autumn Concert!

That’s right!  You can start buying tickets for our Autumn Concert online (September 28th) already, so do start asking family & friends.  In case you’ve not noticed, here is the poster! 
Buying online is subject to charges – but as ever you will be able to buy tickets without any commission charges at rehearsals from 4th September along with music and your subs payment (£60).

Book now



Credit/Debit cards are most welcome for all transactions and in fact are now actively encouraged (we now have TWO card readers).  We are leaping into the modern age and trying to steer away from cheques/cash as many of our bank’s branches have closed and they take a lot more effort to process.


It is also still possible to by recordings of our Elgar performance in May – just ask Archie!

~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~

That’s it for now….see you soon!