Well we’re all back after a fantastic tour in Brittany, and photos of our antics can be viewed on our website’s Gallery page.  Many thanks to Robert Stedall for some amazing close-ups of our choir and gorgeous images of the churches. Please do send in any of yours you’d like posted.  Every year it seems the tours get better and better, with people getting more familiar with the format and more importantly – each other!  We hope that everyone enjoyed it and that even more of our choir will be able to join next year!

Here’s a word from our Tour Manager…

Dear Tourists,


Thank you for being so well behaved on tour, it made Team Tour’s job so much easier. We hope you had a fun time, with fine food, excursions, the odd tipple and, of course, a bit of singing. It was a full on 5 days, but hope you found time to catch your breath.


While there was a great team dealing with organising the tour and keeping it running, we relied heavily on the great support from the fantastic Leconfield team that make our choir operate so smoothly.


– Archie, our IT wiz that made issuing statement and tracking payments seamless.

– The Finace team, Stephanie and Liz, doing all the collections.

– Ruth’s support with advice and payments kept us on track. As well as sorting out the concert program in two languages (was that google translate or is she fluent in French).

– Rachel making all the music available was exemplary, as usual.

– Graham making sure we had a great program and checking out the fantastic venues for our wonderful performances.


Thanks also to Phil for his stella organ skills. Such a great musician and friend to the whole choir.

Claire in the Tour Team did a massive amount of work to prepare the tour we hope you enjoyed. So a big personal thank you to her for giving up so much time, thought and effort. It is such a shame the she is taking a rest from the choir. She will be greatly missed.


Chrissey, Terry and Nick all played their part with making sure our visitors were welcomed and had beds pre tour, as well as working hard making sure the itinerary made sense. Also keeping things running on tour and creating what, I thought, was a great warmth and inclusiveness to the whole proceedings.


Thank you to all those that made my job simple. We have a fantastic choir family and the whole team make it a great place for us to come and sing with friends.


You will have noticed that Claire has already sent out the feedback form. Please take a few moments to think about what went well (to make sure we carry on doing those things) and how you think we can improve the tour next year. Ideas about destination are also welcome.


Have a enjoyable summer break, see you all soon.


Kind Regards,


Next term …

…starts on Wednesday 4th September, when we will be experimenting with a new format of starting the Christmas programme from 8-9pm, and the Autumn Concert programme 9-10pm.  This means that any newcomers or members not wanting to participate in the Autumn concert can go home at 9pm, but we’re also hoping that some newcomers may feel up to having a go at the Autumn Concert, or at the very least go and see it to get a flavour for our concerts.

So if you’ve been telling your friends & family about our amazing choir, now’s the time for them to join us!  We’ll be taking in newcomers all through September, starting on 4th.

See you then – and sorry couldn’t resist this one….