Wow the O Magnum is really coming together – good to hear Graham tell us we really got the feeling for the piece on Wednesday, which is amazing in such a short space of time .  You should all feel incredibly proud that as a choir we are starting to pick up new pieces so quickly.  It also means that you are all putting in a lot of practise time between rehearsals and it’s paying off – please do keep up the hard work and practise the Missa Brevis  (note more help available for members on our Help for Practising Mozart page) and My Heart is Inditing which we haven’t touched on for a while.

Summer Tour Info

Saturday’s Tour workshop will be really key to filling in all the gaps in our knowledge and polishing of all the pieces, so it really is vital that all tour-goers attend this.  Please let Graham know if you can’t make it by emailing him on – it really helps if we understand who will be missing before the rehearsal.  Same goes for the pre-tour rehearsal on Tuesday 16th.

Print the Concert Programme Running Order for your folders

Everyone going on tour will receive the Concert Running order over email.  However you can now download it and print it from the Summer Tour page on our website (you’ll need to log in as a member first).  Click on the tab that says ‘CONCERT RUNNING ORDER’.

You will notice that as per last year we will have 2 possible encores – the Ave Maria (Cuccini) and Upon Kinde and True Love (C. Williams).  Many of you will have already purchased this music (now’s the time to dig it out!), but if not don’t panic! Rachel will sort you out with some hire copies.  Last year the Ave Maria proved particularly popular on tour, with some of our audience reduced to tears (in a good way)! 🙂

It’s not too late to ask about coming on Tour!

There are still potentially places on tour – just email

Tour Concert dress

The main thing to remember on tour for concert dress is, Ladies can dress Lighter, Men in Black.  By this we mean…


  • Black skirt/dress no shorter than knee length OR trousers
  • Black top covering shoulders (short sleeves at the minimum)
  • Black tights (optional)
  • Black shoes
  • Discreet jewellery


  • Black shirt (no tie)
  • Black trousers
  • Black socks and shoes

More wedding singers needed on 10th August!

The wedding on 10th August in Chiddingfold is just over a month away so do talk to your other choir friends – we are still looking for more people to sing familiar hymns and represent our choir.

Amanda can give a few people a lift if necessary or will meet you in Chiddingfold at 1:00.

We are going to wear our usual LS concert dress i.e. black with the usual regulations for Summer (see above).

It will be a really lovely occasion to be a part of, so don’t be shy 🙂  – please do come along and let Amanda know at

Time is running out to pick up your CD for Elgar!

Please bear in mind that this Wednesday (and Saturday for tour-goers) will be your last chance to buy or pick up your Elgar CD, without having to pay for postage.

~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~

That’s it for now!  See you on Wednesday last non-tour rehearsal of Term, so it’s…