Keep up the good work folks – O Magnum is really starting to take shape…..  I’m not sure how many of you have managed to take Graham’s advice on Wednesday and listen to it in the bathtub, but there’s a really interesting video clip about Laurisden’s inspiration for the piece – click here to view it!

On Wednesday Graham would like to go over O Magnum and Bogoroditysye again (forgive my shorthand) and would also like to cover the Cantique de Jean Racine.

As ever please do visit our Music Programme and Practise page for more help than you can shake a stick at!

The Run-up to the end of Term

So just a few reminders of the arrangements for the last couple of weeks of term before we go on tour….(wow – yes it really is just a couple of weeks now!).

  • Wednesday 3rd July
    • early sessions for tour soloists as agreed with Graham
    • normal rehearsal 8-10pm
  • Wednesday 10th July – last rehearsal of term for non-tour goers

    • early sessions for tour soloists as agreed with Graham
    • 7.30pmTour Info Evening.  Here you can hear Pippy from Onestage tell you all about the tour in store for your and will answer any burning questions…
    • 8-10pm normal rehearsal
    • For non-tour goers, this is the last rehearsal of term – we’ll see you again on 4th September!
  • Saturday 13th July at the URCTour Workshop
    • 9.30pm to 2pm (doors open at 9am)
    • Please bring refreshments/lunch
    • This workshop is for all singers going on tour only (including external singers), not for non-tour going choir members.  The reason for this is that Graham needs to hear the tour choir on its own before we go so that he still has time to balance the voices if necessary (this means adding people not taking them away – so don’t worry 🙂 ).
  • Tuesday 16th July at the URCPre-Tour Rehearsal
    • 7-9pm (doors open at 6.30pm)
    • This rehearsal for all singers going on tour only and is a final rehearsal before all our concerts, to brush take the pieces to concert level
    • It’s earlier than our usual rehearsal because…well…we’re going on tour the next day!!

CDs are still there for collection/sale

We’re so pleased that the CD’s are selling like hotcakes – thank you to everyone who has spread the word.  By buying a CD/recording you are supporting the case for doing a recording for a future joint performance – it’s an expensive business but judging by your response we feel it was well worth it.

If you haven’t collected your CD or downoaded your recording yet please can you do so on Wednesday.  Alison & John Burton have lists of everyone who has bought a recording but not downloaded it – in which case you can collect a CD, but be prepared to give John your inside leg measurement first…(he’s taking his role very seriously!).

CDs will be available for collection up until (and including) our last rehearsal on 10th July. If you are unable to collect it by then please can you make other arrangements with another choir member, or email us at

Charity for Concerts

We asked a while ago for suggestions for a charity for our Autumn Concert.  Chestnut Tree House has been suggested, which is a children’s hospice in Arundel, so we thought that would be a good one for Handel’s Messiah in Arundel next year.  However we’re still looking for a charity for our Autumn Concert.  If you have any ideas please let us know by emailing

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That’s it for now…..see you on Wednesday!