Hot off the press – this is just to let you know that OneStage CAN now do the Tour Info Evening on 10th at 7.30pm before our rehearsal after all!  Please RE-adjust your diaries (we have done ours!).

Really sorry to mess you around…..hope you can still make it!

Now that we have more time again at the session, note that it is not necessarily just for people going on this year’s tour.  If you have any questions about the tour in general and are considering it for next year (it may not even be too late for this year!), do come along and ask!  It will also give you a flavour of what goes on…although as we all know and appreciate…..


By the way…to help with practising O Magnum there is a really useful Youtube video that has a full performance with score for you to practise without having to get your music out.  It’s been added to the Music Programme & Practise page.

See you tomorrow!