Hopefully you all know by now that we are rehearsing on Friday not Wednesday this week – still at the URC though and still 8-10pm!

Graham will be back from his travels after wowing audiences in Moscow!  The message now is: be prepared for ANYTHING!  Please bring ALL your music with you to every rehearsal from now on.  We only have 4 rehearsals until the end of term so we will be running over all the rest of the programme in that time.

Also please ensure that if you don’t want to carry the ESM book in your folder, you have downloaded an ‘official’ photocopied PDF file, the links for which were emailed last week.  These are new versions of the photocopies and ensure that our page turns will be synchronised.  If you have any problems or don’t remember receiving the email, please email us on info@leconfieldsingers.co.uk and we’ll sort you out!  Pre-printed copies will be on sale from Friday at £1 each (to cover costs) for those that are printer-challenged 🙂

In particular we should be going over some of the Handel and starting the Rheinberger (Abendlied) so do keep practising.  There’s help on pretty much everything in the programme on our Music Programme & Practise page so do visit it.

Tour Info Evening – Weds July 10th @ 7.30pm

Just a reminder that there will be a Tour Information Evening before our last choir rehearsal of term at 7.30pm.  Team Tour will be running through the itinerary and OneStage will be coming along to answer any questions you may have, so do come along and find out all about what you’ll be getting up to in a few weeks’ time!  All extremely exciting!!

CD/Recordings of Elgar – CDs available for collection soon!

“But when will I get my CD…?” I hear you ask!  Everyone who ordered a recording should have received an email inviting them to download the recording if you don’t want to wait or don’t need a CD.  NOTE: Your purchase entitles you to EITHER a download which can be used on your electronic devices for playing back music, OR a CD (NOT BOTH!).  So…for those of you who don’t want a download, but want a physical CD, you should ignore the download link (and yes…we do know who has downloaded it 🙂 ) and wait until next Wednesday (26th June) at which time we will bring in the CDs for you to collect.  We will continue to bring them in until the end of term.  Unfortunately it has taken a while to get the CD’s printed so apologies, but they will be here soon and are well worth the wait!!

~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~

That’s it for now – see you on FRIDAY!