Well I don’t know about you but I’ve been riding on a wave of feeling of a ‘job well done’ since Wednesday!  You can keep up with info/photos etc. on our Facebook page, which Amanda, our Social Media rep, is doing such a great job of keeping lively and interesting.  Please do visit and ‘like’ our page, and tell all your friends, who are also very welcome to come and try out our choir from this week as we start the late Summer/Autumn programme.

We would like to kick off the new programme on Wednesday with some drinks and nibbles – and will also be selling/dishing out the music you ordered from Rachel (if you haven’t ordered it – don’t panic – read on!).

  • If you hired ‘The Dream’, please come along on the 15th with your scores all cleaned up and markings rubbed out, ready to hand in to Rachel.  
  • Anyone who hired their copy but cannot be at choir on the 15th to return it must find a way to get it back to us by then, as all the scores need to be returned on 16th.  After that date we will incur fines which we will have to pass on!  
  • Rachel will be ready and waiting to give out music from 7pm so be sure to get there early to enjoy a drink and avoid a last minute rush/queues for music!
  • We will be starting on 15th May learning Mozart’s Missa Brevis in D.  Please click this link for the PDF to download and print to make sure you have music for that rehearsal – I’ve included it here to make it as easy as possible!  We recommend that you download the document before printing it for best results.
  • You should also please order your copy of O Magnum Mysterium and/or an ESM (European Sacred Music) book if you have not already done so, by clicking this link.
  • For those that are ‘Printer-Challenged’, we will be selling pre-printed copies of all PDFs for a small fee (depending on size).
  • The full Music Programme Can be viewed on our Music Programme & Practise page.  Please let me know if you find any good recordings and/or help on the internet for practising.
  • It is a good time to invite friends/family to the rehearsal on 15th if they are interested in joining us, for starting this next programme.

CD/Recording now available for pre-order at £17!

Remember that you can keep the memory of our beautiful performance alive, for both yourselves and family/friends by purchasing a recording/CD of our performance – now at £17.  Ninth Wave Audio are busy as we speak editing the rehearsal and concert recordings to produce what should be a great recording in its own right, let alone the fact that you actually sang in it!  Ask me (Ruth) before the rehearsal – I’ll be taking orders!  The recording should be ready mid-June.

Gerontius – Programmes for Choir Members can be collected from 22nd May

A number of you have asked whether you can pick up spare programmes for our concert on Wednesday.  The good news is we do have some spare copies for choir members.  The bad news is, you’ll have to wait to collect one until Archie returns on 22nd May…..!

Diary Dates – Please note FRIDAY rehearsal for w/c 17th June!

It’s always a good idea to keep checking our Diary Dates page.  This is constantly changing as more information becomes available throughout the year.  In particular, I’d like to draw your attention to changes for w/c 17th June.  Instead of a Wednesday rehearsal on 19th, we’ll be having a rehearsal at 8pm on FRIDAY 21st.  This is to accommodate Graham conducting a concert in Moscow.

~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~

That’s it for now – see you on Wednesday for our new programme and PLEASE remember to return any hired music…