Well done everyone!  That was a night to remember….!

Firstly, a message from Graham:

Congratulations on a fantastic concert last night! The energy was maintained from start to finish and the passion and characterisation was great. I thought the power created in the big moments was amazing, but also the quality of sound was fabulous. You kept me on my toes, but the few areas of concern in the rehearsal went really well and the tuning issues were so much better in the concert.  I had lots of lovely comments from musicians saying that the sound the choir made was excellent. The part 1 moments were just wonderful and I came off stage buzzing. Part 2 was the best I’d ever heard it. The double choir section was really strong and the build to that climax was amazing! I was delighted with the orchestra – it is so hard for them to do what they did on one 3 hour rehearsal and soloists were wonderful.  I am now left with a feeling of a job well done today and a sense of pride that the choirs I work with managed to sing to that level. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It has been great working with you all on this incredible work. So special to end up performing together with some the country’s finest orchestral players and soloists to produce a concert of such a high standard. Thank you all!

And a message from Jeannie:


The biggest compliments and thanks go out from the Executive Committee


you wonderful people

who made last night the most memorable evening yet!

The compliments from friends and family keep coming in and there is no doubt that we really listened, watched and concentrated on all those tiny reminders from Graham in our scores. And the smile on Prince Archie’s face at the end was a real indication that we did what he needed us to do! Maybe it isn’t like herding cats anymore!

Last night, Graham was definitely a star performer. His overwhelming skill in keeping us focused was an incredible performance in its self. I have never seen Graham work so hard and so sensitively to us, the soloists and musicians! We are very lucky to have such talent challenging us to achieve a higher standard at every performance.

But, of course, Graham couldn’t do it without us! So here’s to all of you and please join us

Wednesday 15th May

7-7.30pm for 8pm

for some ‘HaHa!” time glass of wine and nibbles

to celebrate our successful performance

and the launch of the 2019 summer season!

There is another most important group to thank –

our families and friends!

If it had not been for their loyal support, amongst many other things, we wouldn’t have made over our budget!! and we wouldn’t have had two harps instead of one! So please let them know how much we love and appreciate them.

And here are some shared comments from our audience to make you proud:


  • Truly, genuinely divine! Like coming back to a friend you’ve not seen for years and realising you like them even more than you did.
  • I am floating home on a sea of gorgeous orchestration, utterly original musical ideas, fine choral singing and remarkable soloists.
  • ‘It’s the best of me,’ he said, and I reckon he was right!
  • A magical evening. I was transported, dreamlike, to a world far, far away.
  • The singers were so professional!
  • I loved the echoes between the voices, from side to side!
  • If you can sing this, you can sing anything!!

With much gratitude to all of you for your contributions in soul and singing for The Leconfield Singers,


Hired music back on Wednesday – we don’t care how you get it to us, just do!

Unfortunately we are on very tight deadlines for the return of hired music.  If it’s not returned by Wednesday’s rehearsal we will encounter fines which we will have to pass on.

Please can you therefore ensure that if you aren’t going to be at the rehearsal on Wednesday, you find someone that is, or contact Rachel (Rachel has offered to come in the the URC on Sunday to receive copies if necessary).

Because of the importance of this message we will send out a reminder post nearer the time.

– ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ –

That’s it for now, but….