Last night’s rehearsal was tough but progress was good, and Graham just wanted you all to know that we’ve got to the stage now where he’s really pleased with how it’s all turning out. This was his final chance to make a few adjustments, and stress the necessity of them 🙂 which will hopefully mean we can go forward with confidence and put out a performance that will be worth all the effort of the past 4 months.

You all worked really hard and Graham is confident now that the fruits of your labours will be borne out on Monday, which should be a really good rehearsal.  All three soloists will be there so it will be great to sing with them and see the piece start coming to life!

…But what are the arrangements for Monday I hear you ask?  If you are singing in the concert, look out for an email from The Leconfield Singers which will be sent out today, giving full details of the rehearsal venue, timings, coaches and seating plans.  Basically everything you could ever want to know…!

– ~ – ~ – – ~ – ~ – – ~ – ~ –

See you on Monday – it’s getting close!!