Lovely to see everyone back last night – and on good form!

As you know our final Saturday workshop is this Saturday in Berkhamsted.  For those of you who have booked a coach, please can you arrange to be at the Sylvia Beaufoy centre in Petworth by 7.45am.  The coach company sounded like they knew what they were doing this time, and they’ve been warned about the centre of Petworth so hopefully all should be well with both journeys.  Juliet Shand has kindly offered to be in charge, so you had all better be on your best behaviour!  🙂  Any problems/changes of plan, just send an email to

For those of you making your own way there, the address is: Berkhamsted Civic Centre, 161 High Street, Berkhamsted, HP4 3HD

Workshop will kick off at 10am so please aim to be there for about 9.30am in case of traffic, and so that you can have refreshments before you open those lungs…!  We are trying to encourage people to go green and bring your own cups if possible.

Archie has been very busy as usual working on the latest seating plan for Berkhamsted Civic Centre.  It would be helpful if you could review this before then so that you know where you will be seated in advance.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW SATURDAY’S SEATING PLAN (Go to Pages 4-5 for the main plan). 

Graham is hoping to have a complete run through of the chorus parts of the whole piece, so please take some time beforehand to review all your score markings, and we recommend rehearsing all of it at least once through before the workshop.

Hoping you are all familiar with/can access the practise aids but just in case…….

Click here for Choralia synthesised practise files

  • Select the appropriate audio file button to play each movement for your voice part.  The training is at 3 levels, with 1 button for each level:
    • Level 1 – Your voice only with metronome
    • Level 2 – Your voice emphasized
    • Level 3 – All voices for you to practise your part
  • You can put more emphasis on your voice part by using the sliders to increase/decrease the volume
  • You can slow the track down or speed it up using the tortoise/hare sliders

CD/Recordings of our Concert

As you know we have started offering the chance of pre-ordering a CD/Recording of our concert.

  • The recording will be made by a professional company, Ninth Wave Audio
  • to be recorded live at The Royal Festival Hall on 8th May
  • will be ready for downloading mid June 2019
  • Can be played on any computer, smartphone, iPad, iPod, MP3 player or even in your car!
  • Technical support will be available

Click here to download the flyer


£15 (discounted) if PURCHASED before the concert on 8th May
● £17 if ordered/purchased after the concert

CDs will be available if necessary but will take an extra 14 days for printing & delivery.  Your preferred medium will be confirmed after the concert.

Please complete the following form if you wish to order a recording/CD (a bill will be emailed to you):

‘Bake-Off Lite’ volunteers required for Monday 6th May rehearsal!

For this final rehearsal there is a joint effort for all 3 choirs to provide cakes and helpers, under the expert management of Sally.  A few people have already come forward, but we are a few cakes and volunteers short.  If you can help in either/both capacities please email to let Sally know – she would love to hear from you!

Don’t forget to tell us your Autumn/Summer Tour music requirements!

The Dream will be with us very shortly, so Rachel is beavering away making sure you all have music for our Summer Tour/Autumn programme, which can be seen on our Music Programme & Practise page.

Most of the music can be downloaded as PDFs, however we do require that everyone has their own copy of the European Sacred Music book, and you will need to tell us whether you would like to buy or hire the sheet music for ‘O Magnum Mysterium’ so that we can ensure we have enough hire/new copies for purchase.


~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ –

That’s it for now…see you on Saturday – and remember…..