The Open Rehearsal at All Hallows, Tillington last night was a great success on so many levels:

  • 99 tickets were sold, £495 raised towards choir funds
  • We increased awareness of the music and the preparation involved in putting on such a concert
  • We raised funds for the church (not sure how much yet!)
  • The refreshments were great and a good time (hopefully) was had by all!
  • some tickets were sold for our performance on 8th May

Click here to see some photos on our Facebook page!

So many thank you’s to all involved from our choir:

  • A huge thank you to Gillie Ross for organising and sponsoring this event.   Without her incredible energy and enthusiasm for the church and the choir it would never have happened.
  • Thanks to Archie for his formidable organisation alongside Gillie, making sure it all went smoothly
  • Thank you to Sally Napier-Fenning for all the sweet treats and to Vaughan for his support – once again I don’t think there was much left!
  • Thank you to all the non-singing husbands who helped, and to all those who arrived earlier and stayed later and helped with set up and clean up at the end
  • Thank you to all singers for inviting your guests and for being so attentive and presenting such a good impression of the choir to the audience. Many audience members pointed how impressive it was to witness the improvement of the fragments we sung under Graham’s direction
  • and last but not least a big thank you to Graham, who managed to make it an interesting and entertaining evening for the audience, as well as getting us a step nearer to perfection on 8th May!

Easter holiday – NO CHOIR THIS WEDS 17th!!

Hopefully you will all know by now that there is no choir on 17th April, and our next rehearsal is on 24th April at the URC as usual. We were not able to cover all the music planned for yesterday, so please do your best to attend both Wed 24th and Sat 27th rehearsals, and do as much Music Practise as you can beforehand.  In particular next up will be finishing the Go Forth chorus and then revisiting the Demons Chorus.
Read our Diary Dates for more information on forthcoming Diary Dates

The Dream of Gerontius Concert

Keep selling tickets!!
As a whole we are doing OK but we are still behind our target of 3 per person – there are many who have bought lots more than 3 which tells us that there are still quite a few who have bought none.  In fact we are now in 3rd place out of the 3 choirs for our ticket sales, whereas last time we sold the highest number by quite a margin, so come on everyone -spread the word, do your bit and let’s see that Leconfield buzz! Archie will be happy to assist over email while there is no Choir – just contact him on
Hotels –  flyer distribution
The great news is we have volunteers for all planned routes now – well done to all the volunteers out there!  If you are interested in participating we can still accommodate a couple of routes in the busiest areas. Please contact

Concert Recording is on sale NOW

Keep your concert memories alive!!

In 2016 we made a recording of our performance of Verdi Requiem, which was very popular among Choir members. This year we are moving ahead with the technical progress and offering downloadable recording! The recording will be a wonderful memento of the concert, and is only being offered to choir members – not for commercial sale.

Order early to take advantage of £15 (discounted) Price!

The recording will be made by a professional company – NINTH WAVE AUDIO, who specialise in classical music recording, have a full range of state of the art equipment and a track record of recording concerts for the BBC and at The Royal Festival Hall.

The recording should be ready by mid June 2019, and will be available to download from the internet. It is not for commercial use, but you can buy it for yourself or as a present to your friends and family. It cannot be copied to other choir members, but can be played on any computer, mobile phone, iPad, iPod, MP3 player or even in your car!


  • £15(i.e. discounted) if ordered before he concert (8th May 2019)

  • £17if ordered/purchased after the concert

If necessary we are offering a CD recording, but please do be aware that this is an additional cost to the choir and will take an additional 14 days for printing and delivery, so we are recommending a digital recording as the more flexible and preferred option.

You can purchase your recording through your Choir’s box office, at reheasals or by emailing

Elgar Walk – This Sunday 14th April!

Just a reminder that Amanda is hosting this wonderful tour through Elgar’s history next Sunday – a 3 hour circular walk starting and ending at Fittleworth Village Hall, exploring the environment of the Great Man. All funds raised will go towards our choir’s concert fund.  Tickets are £5 each and can be bought on the day from Amanda, but please bring £5 in cash. Meet at Fittleworth Village Hall 10:30am.


  • ~ -The walk goes straight past Brinkwells (where he lived) and includes access to The Studio, where Elgar actually composed his last 4 major works (although it is now privately owned so doesn’t necessarily have his furniture!)
  • The Studio is currently owned by the film director that made and directed the 2007 film Elgar’s Tenth Muse on location there (starring James Fox)
  • Dog Friendly
  • Bring sandwiches, water etc

Choir members, friends and family are all welcome.

CLICK HERE for a document giving full details

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