We’re looking forward to another great sing this Saturday, when it’ll be our turn to host the joint workshop in St Mary’s, Petworth (NOTE: Not the URC!).  Thanks to all those who have volunteered to help in any capacity, whether helping Sally by baking cakes, helping with refreshments or driving people to the church on the day, we’ve been really chuffed with the response.  If you can come early and help Archie with the set up of seating etc. that would be brilliant!

Now as Graham said last night, we can all help to make the rehearsal go as smoothly as possible by practising – particularly the Demons’ Chorus and Praise to the Holiest – once again here is the help published on a previous post for this chorus.

Praise to the Holiest Choralia practise files:

Obviously all this help and more is available on our Music Programme & Practise page.

New Chair for Autumn Term

Yesterday Jeannie announced that she will be retiring as our Chair after a 2 year term from October.  To reiterate her message – if you’d be interested in putting your name forward for consideration for this role, please let anyone on the Committee know – we’d love to hear from you!

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That’s it for now…see you on Saturday!