As you will know it’s not possible for coaches to park right outside St Mary’s, so we are looking for a couple of volunteers (whether singing in the rehearsal or not) to help transport members from the other choirs who have difficulty walking from the Sylvia Beaufoy car park to St Mary’s, both before and after the joint rehearsal on Saturday 30th March.

If you can help, please email Archie on and you will gain a few Brownie Points!

Keep those tickets flying off the shelves….!

There are still quite a few of you who haven’t bought tickets yet, no doubt still trying to organise your loved ones 🙂 but whilst the Choir Box Office has now been pared down in anticipation of an increased interest from the public as the time of the concert approaches, there will still be plenty available at rehearsals.  Please do try and encourage all your friends and family to buy them, these concerts are expensive undertakings and the only reason we can put on an orchestra of this size and talent and hire such prestigious venues, is because of the support from each and every one of you.  Last time on average nearly 3 tickets were purchased by each member of each of the choirs…just saying…..!!

Reminder: Open Rehearsal at Tillington – April 10th

Tickets are selling really well for our Open Rehearsal on Wednesday 10th April at Tillington.  This is a new departure for us but one that we are greatly looking forward to.  It not only raises money for both the choir and the Church but gives friends and families a chance to see a little of what goes on behind the scenes, as well as a taster of beautiful music to come!  This should prove to be a memorable evening for both choir and audience alike…refreshments will be served at the interval.

Music Practise

Keep going through the Praise to the Holiest chorus.  Next Wednesday we’ll revisit what we did last week so it really helps to keep going over the notes until they’re secure.  You know where the help is by now….!

Go Green – Get a Coach!

Have you decided how you plan to travel to the rehearsal on 27th April yet?  If not do consider taking a coach – it’s a different company this time so hopefully we won’t have any of the drama of last time, saves parking hassle and also helps the environment!  Just email

Info Sheets on all the things going on (and there’s a lot going on) ….!

In the last post there were loads of links to various bits of info…so I’ll just repeat them here in case you missed it:

  • CLICK HERE for info on Elgar’s Walk – Sunday 14th April
  • CLICK HERE for info and to tickets for our Open Rehearsal at Tillington All Hallows Church
  • CLICK HERE  for info on placing advertisements in our Elgar programme
  • CLICK HERE  for info on the Free Tickets for Schools promotion


Clara was very touched by the singing of Happy Birthday to her before the rehearsal the other week – and would like you all to know…