Just a quick reminder that tomorrow we are inviting all Sops and Altos NOT in the Semi Chorus to an early rehearsal at the URC. Doors will open at 7pm for anyone wanting to buy tickets for buses, the open rehearsal, or the concert (please keep those ticket sales coming!!).

Rehearsals are always much more fun when people have practised – so here’s a heads up on what we’ll be covering tomorrow …

From 7.20pm…

For the Sops and Altos’ (not Semi Chorus) special session we will be going over:

  • Pages 95 – 101

This was the section we covered in the last special Sops & Altos early rehearsal.

From 8pm….

We will divide into our 2 sectional groups (SA/TB) and will rehearse the following separately:

  • Pages 102 – 125
  • Pages 155 – end

(i.e. missing out the double chorus bit)

From 9pm…

We will join together as a whole choir again and go through from page 95 as much as we can to the end, again missing out the double chorus bit.

The Following Week….

We will do the double chorus, Pages 126 – 147 as a sectional rehearsal initially, then together as a choir.

~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~

So there you have it – the plan (always good to know there is one 🙂 ) is that by our next joint rehearsal in Petworth on 30th March, we will have gone through the entire work, ready for Graham’s little bits of magic at the joint rehearsal to make us sound amazing!

In the last post we gave you lots of useful links to help you learn this part of the chorus – so please do use those to help learn the notes.

See you tomorrow!