Following on from what was by all accounts an absolutely brilliant rehearsal on Saturday (you heard it – the best that Graham can remember this early on for a joint rehearsal…), we would like all Sopranos and Altos NOT in the Semi Chorus to arrive early (by 7.20pm) on Wednesday.  This is to practise the same bit we did last time for our early rehearsal.

Over the next few weeks the plan is to go over what we covered last week and to continue working through ‘Praise to the Holiest’ – right up to the very last movement, so that we’ve been through the whole work by our next workshop here in Petworth on 30th March.

I know that some of you appreciate getting practise links actually on these posts, so to help you with the next bit please use these links according to your voice section:

Praise to the Holiest Choralia practise files:

Obviously all this help and more is available on our Music Programme & Practise page.

Choir Ticket choice more limited after 22nd March!

In order to make the most out of the Southbank Centre’s box office, we will be giving back the vast majority of our Sale or Return tickets before our big publicity push with them at the end of March.  It will also mean that we can start filling out all the seats in our previously blocked areas in the auditorium.

This means that although you can continue to purchase tickets all the way up to the concert itself using the choir box office at each rehearsal via Ticketsource, after the rehearsal of 20th March the choice of seats will be more limited as we will be sharing them with the general public.

Open Rehearsal at Tillington

You are our ambassadors – keep up the good work selling our events! Not only for the RFH concert, but also to our Open Rehearsal at Tillington on Wednesday 10th April, which is gaining popularity locally. The latter is a great opportunity for friends/family thinking of joining the choir to get a flavour of the choir. Refreshments will be provided!

Remember: You don’t have to wait for a rehearsal to buy tickets to either the open rehearsal, the actual concert, or for coaches. Just email for a first-rate service!

Last word on Coaches….!

Those there on Wednesday, and all those who have booked places on coaches, will have heard that, sadly, our original company went into administration with our deposit shortly before Saturday’s workshop. However we managed to secure alternative arrangements, so there is no need for you to worry about any transport you’ve booked. We are aware of the problems on Saturday which have now been addressed and should not happen again – although the next coach on 27th April is through a different company. If you haven’t already booked your coaches please email – there are still plenty of seats on most buses.

The Great Leconfield Singers’ Bake-Off!

Sally had a great response to her plea for cakes and helpers on Wednesday for our Petworth-hosted workshop on 30th March at St Mary’s Church, so thanks so much to all those who came forward offering their services!  This is a chance to not only show off your  baking prowess but also to raise some money for the choir and help to alleviate the Unfortunate Coach Company Incident (see above). We have quite big lists to fill for both cakes and volunteer helpers, so if you can help with either of these and haven’t already let Sally know, please fill out the form below and click on the SUBMIT button.

Social Media

Amanda is doing a great job of researching some really interesting facts about Elgar and Gerontius.  Keep visiting our Facebook and Instagram pages to read all the interesting info about our upcoming concert!

The Raffle….

….is back!!!  Don’t even THINK of coming to choir without your £1 coins!  This is a great way of raising funds for the choir as well as earning yourself a nice drink afterwards – a complete win-win!

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That’s it for now – see you on Wednesday – and keep practising!